SuperFlow Hydro System is the world’s first non-clogging aeroponics system. The SuperFlow grows the biggest, easiest, best out of any aeroponics system on the market.

Typical bubble bucket designs have constant issues with pH and TDS pockets creating potentially perilous micro environments in each bucket. This is due to a lack of circulation throughout the system as a whole.

The Super BubbleFlow Buckets all have the exact same readings due to the addition of the re-circulating ebb n’ flow feature. Super BubbleFlow Buckets therefore have consistent pH and TDS readings and even nutrient distribution throughout the entire system. Super BubbleFlow Buckets also produce results much more quickly than comparable products due to the hyper-oxygenated environment we have created in each individual bucket. It is a regular root Jacuzzi for each plant.

Your plants will be so pleased with their new home that they will most definitely reward you for your kindness and good decision making.

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Hydroponic Grow System | Super Flow Aeroponics System

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