Added by on 2016-01-05 Fully assembled growing kit hydroponic grow box by SuperCloset. Growing our own with hydroponics in this stealth grow box! The SuperBox is a Fully Automated Hydroponic Grow Box that is supplied with EVERYTHING you need to start growing right out of the gate. Here in San Francisco we know how precious space is and this is why we developed the SuperBox. Measuring 30 inches tall, 18 inches wide, and 24 inches deep the SuperBox can fit just about anywhere. The beautifully simple, & clean look of the SuperBox as well as the rear mounted controls keeps the SuperBox stealthy and unassuming, while the black powder coat maintains a level of durability. Simply put, the SuperBox is a cool little grow box that packs a big punch! Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHydroponic Grow Box works best! Growing kit by SuperclosetBest Vertical Grow Room | Big Buddha Box | Hydroponic Grow System | SuperClosetStealth Grow Box SuperCloset SuperLocker Hydroponic Grow Box Medicinal Marijuana Weed Grow CabinetGrow Box | Fully Automated Hydroponic Grow System by SuperClosetGrow Tent Hydroponic System | SuperCloset HydroponicsVertical Grow Room Hydroponic Grow System Big Buddha Box Grow Room SuperCloset

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  • TheRollinStoned 1 year ago

    hows this

  • Leon Gonzales 1 year ago

    Next two paychecks I'll be trying to get me one ordered?

  • Terrance Cannon 1 year ago

    This product still available??

  • TwatFarmer 1 year ago

    Ohhh fuck yeah, the sweet sweet smell of… Mhhhmm… basil.?

  • henry HILL 1 year ago

    how to germinate a seed for hydroponic? I have the box already. I just don't know what I have to soak my seed in and when should I use the box??

  • cann abis 1 year ago

    yes because nobody should know that hes secretly growing basil … :D?

  • Aaron Crumbley 1 year ago

    I surprisingly loved the music lol?

  • Caleb Clark 1 year ago

    How do you refill your Superponics box after draining the water? Do you remove one cup and refill through there? Or is there another method that won't harm the plants and/or root systems??

  • Dylan Rosado 1 year ago

    Can I grow pot in here?

  • wheelie bunny 1 year ago

    i like small grow boxes because i plan on growing for myself,and not having space to grow big ass plants will keep me from smoking like a maniac or be tempted to sell to my friends… i can tottally make buds from 2 small plants last me for 4 months or more…?

  • Ninjaraku Pwnz 1 year ago

    if you need to hide what your growing that cautiously it sure as hell won't be for basil…

  • Earth.Hawk 1 year ago

    fireproof? also cost??

  • dani west 1 year ago

    can you grow weed i there??

  • Zach Patacca 1 year ago

    So can you go from seed to flowering plants with this? I cant tell if its big enough to keep the plants in all the way up to harvest.

  • Scott Unsworth 1 year ago

    great vid dude. but mate,got to say7 get

  • robert flink 1 year ago

    Yes you can grow cannabis in this just keep in mind you'll need to keep your plant short due to the size. And yes theirs ways to keep your plant short. I got 3 ounces of white widow looking supper frosty. ?

  • Ry Hu 1 year ago

    +rageonlifefor2 Those can't even compare those little tents to these products.

  • keuven 1 year ago

    Rory! I want a superbox but a bit bigger what do you suggest?

  • nioterson09 1 year ago

    Hi, its enough just the white color inside the box? i mean with white color inside you dont need extra reflection? or something? Also it work the same with not hydro?and how many WATT you need too grown inside, a small plants around 50-60 cm, my box was 85x50x85/ if someone can answer me.