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Update with the ground cherry plant. It has dropped two small fruits on the ground below and ready to be collected for ripening. My first mini harvest ground cherry plant grown using the hydroponic kratky method. Do you love my system and want to copy my design to produce beautiful healthy delicious plants you can eat. I will teach you how step by step. Materials Used: Hydroponic Fertilizer Part 1 – Master Blend 4-18-38: Hydroponic Fertilizer Part 2 – Calcium Nitrate: Hydroponic Fertilizer Part 3 – Epsom Salt: Indoor Green House: LED Grow Lights: LED Protective Sunglasses: Solar Power-Air Pump: T5 – Grow Lights: Glass Mason Jars (1/2 Gallon): Glass Mason Jars (Quart): 3″ – Net Cups: Rockwool 1″X1″ Cubes: Hydroponic Clay Pebbles: Ph up and Ph down: Ph Meter: Black Chalk Paint Ultra Matte: Sponge Paint Brush: Related PostsMy First Grow! – Dinafem Blue Kush – Harvest! 2.65 Pounds From Single Plant!! Part 1How to Clone any plant for hydroponic or regular gardeningHow To Grow Orange Tree In Hydroponic Kratky System: Part 2How to Make a Mini Kratky Hydroponic System for LettuceEasy DIY Beginner Hydroponic Kratky SystemHydroponic Kratky Squash, Orange and Cucumber Plant – Updates

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  • Trickery Breton 4 months ago

    Really want to grow this!!

  • Hydroponic Gardening & More with Brent 4 months ago

    Cool cherry.

  • Krystal's Homestead Adventures 4 months ago

    How exciting! Just means you'll enjoy the first ripe berries even more huh? Looks great!