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From Mark Farina’s Mushroom Jazz vol. 1 (1997). Related PostsCali Grow Kits – Grow Kit Outlet – Beginner Mushroom and Hydroponic KitsKid Ory’s Creole Jazz Band – Royal Garden BluesBiochar – the future of sustainable agriculture: Lauren Hale at TEDxUCRMushroom Timelapse – Kitchen Garden mushroom kitPhillips Mushroom Farms in Kennett SquareGrow Your Own Mushroom Kit Time Lapse (3 Day Growth Cycle)

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  • Bob Cat 2 years ago

    I am drinking ayahuasca to this mmmmmmmm hahahahahaa piss chilled! ?

  • esiclene 2 years ago

    we want the unmixed !?

  • thampex 2 years ago

    this is dig alliance,

  • Ivy Official 2 years ago

    DROP IT!?

  • JT Money 2 years ago

    just pimp

  • Riley Hamilton 2 years ago

    In a library doing some casual homework and preparing for finals.
    Thanks Mark.

  • MarzNet256 2 years ago

    I have all his records. But this one is just so damn tight! Must have listened to this a hundred times. I can't get enough This cat has real genius! Just wanted to tell you bout that shit before he drops it on you. So kick back, spark one.

  • spookymarcois 2 years ago

    even though i have a similar opinion, in that i love the mushroom jazz series and am not particularly fond of ke$ha's music, all musical taste is opinion, and by nature and definition is subjective. there is no way to "prove" one is definitely better than the other, there is no such thing as a correct or incorrect opinion.

  • Silvrbk126 2 years ago

    Love the groove but have heard the voice sample before on The Fallout by Hive off of Increasing The Beats Volume 2.

  • Daniel Odorizzi 2 years ago
  • vallet peat 2 years ago

    it keeps my feet moving i love it.

  • John Palek 2 years ago

    0 dislikes!!

  • torasora100 2 years ago

    I love everything Mark Farina produces, after listening to one album he did I was sold.

  • jimmykicker7775 2 years ago

    I have yet to hear something Mark Farina has produced which is not the epitome of smooth awesome. What's so cool about his riffs is you can just chill walking down the street to these tunes, laid back on your porch sipping a tasty beverage, or lounging and smoking some weed- the music works with everything. Hell even washin' the damn dishes would have its cool factor raised expontially if washed with Mushroom Jazz playin in the background.

  • J Eddins 2 years ago

    Perfect Sunday afternoon jam 🙂

  • njlomba 2 years ago


  • jay Last 2 years ago

    could have not said it better me self

  • 1kayce8 2 years ago

    here for you to think, for those of you who dont think too much…

  • dubmarine122 2 years ago

    The bass hits hard, the vibes are smooth, the riffs are sweet