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Video Rating: / 5 2011-04-15 魚交配排卵 腥味重 水體表面產生泡泡 fish mating ovulation water surface bubbles 一個月後 A month later 2011-05-21第一次發現魚苗已有3公分大 2011-05-21 first time find the fish have been 3 cm 不斷吃著藻類和細菌長大 Continue to grow up eating algae and bacteria 完全不需要飼料 Completely without feed 2011-06-04 魚苗已經開始活躍 2011-06-04 fish has begun actively 一個半月 此時魚苗約6公分 A half months at this time fry about 6 cm 2個月後 2011-06-25 魚已10公分 2 months after the fish have been 10 cm 2011-06-25 魚苗活動量加大擾動底泥 水質惡化 Fish activity increased sediment disturbance deterioration of water quality 因試驗需求 植物殘根未能及時移出系統 Because the experimental needs plants death root did not out the system 大量冬季的沉澱有機質 被魚攪動懸浮 A large of organic matter precipitation in winter Now the fish stirred suspension 2個半月後 2011-07-01 2 ½ months after the 2011-07-01 加大過濾量 水質趨於穩定 Increase the water amount in the filter 已經造成此批的蔬菜 大量死亡 This batch of vegetables has caused mass mortality 太多有機質 附著在水中根上 Too much organic matter attached to the root in water 有機質太多 造成根局部缺氧腐爛 Local hypoxia caused by too much organic matter, root rot 葉子 卻呈現缺肥現象 Leaf was less fertilizer the phenomenon 葉子表象 種土壤的農民很容易誤判 The leaves look like is easy to misjudge of farmers in soils 太多的有機質是禍 不是福 Too much organic matter is a curse not a blessing 有機的肥料過量 與無機鹽過量都十分危險 Organic and inorganic fertilizer overdose overdose is very dangerous 水中根系 會吸附大量有機質 Roots will absorb large amount of organic matter in water 氣候高溫 細菌會大量孳生來分解有機質 Hot day will breed lot of bacteria to break down organic matter 造成根圈內部缺氧腐爛 Root rot caused by lack of oxygen within the root ring 水中根系 如果此時又崩解入水中 this time If the roots collapse into the water 會造成連鎖災難 大水體可能會缺氧 will lead to the disaster chain be lack of oxygen in the water 春天與夏天的交界 氧氣含量波動劇烈 Between spring and summer oxygen big volatility 是養殖漁業 的高風險期 Is a high risk period for fish farming 農地施用過量有機肥 是土地優養化 Land too much […]

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    如果是這個溫室裡池子 .鯉魚會長太大 需要移到 較大的池子 .魚量需要限制也不能太多 這就是生態平衡

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    所以到最後魚菜共生的生態池怎麼了 … ??

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    You can understand from the above link inside

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    Where can I buy/order the swimming/floating plant holders?


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