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Proper Nutrients are added to the water which you are watching through the plastic pipes of 4 inches. This nutrients keep the plants growing actively as compared to the soil. hydroponic gardening grow organic plants fast hydroponic gardening local techniques hydroponic gardening systems beginners Enriched Sphagnum Peat Moss with Perlite 10 Kg’s for Home Gardening Plants Rhbp- Liquid Bio-Fertilizer For All Crops 500 Ml “100% Organic”, Perfect To Use On Indoor/Outdoor Plants Cow Dung Manure with Perlite for Gardening Plants – 5 Kg’s – 100% Organic Fertilizer for Home Gardening Plants Turtye Coco Perlite For Urban Gardening Plants – 5 Kg Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHow to Clone any plant for hydroponic or regular gardeningगर्मिओ में कोलेउस को कैसे ग्रो करे HOW TO GROW COLEUS IN SUMMERS AND SOIL FOR COLEUSHow to Grow Tinda in Pot with Update /Organic Vegetable Gardening / टिंडे कैसे उगाए // Mammal Bonsaiगुलाब के पौधे को नर्सरी से कैसे ख़रीदे HOW TO PURCHASE ROSE PLANT FROM NURSERYGrowex – Coco Coir Substrate – Hydroponics Organic & Soil Gardening – Canna Nutrients Coco.Get More Flowers on Allamanda plant अलामांडा पे फूल पाने के लिए इतना करे

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  • Sandeep Sharma 1 week ago

    Hydroponic seedling kaysa kre

  • Kishan Kumar 1 week ago

    Apka numbar dijye

  • Abdul Haque Sami 1 week ago

    Sir khire ka beej kon sa h

  • arvind singh 1 week ago

    Npk organic kya hai ?

  • Ritesh Agrawal 1 week ago

    Apna contact no de….aur b bahut kuch jankari chahiye….aapki starting lowest cost me bahut achhi hai…. ise mai apne roof me banakar try karna chahta hu…..

  • Urban D 1 week ago

    This is not the way to do hydroponics …pls share complete outcome yield of 60 plabts ….

  • Manohar Patidar 1 week ago

    भाई इस किसान व आपके मोबाइल नंबर दीजिए

  • Mukul Jurel 1 week ago

    Enme paani all time flow hota h kya

  • Himanshu Sharma hydroponic or bina mitti ki kheti 1 week ago

    न्यूट्रिएंट की जानकारी दे
    किस फसल में कौनसा और कितना डालते है

  • hydroponics soil less 1 week ago

    Contact no btyo apna

  • Dr Sushil Kumar Guruji 1 week ago Future Farms Leaf Station One Hydroponic System