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This is a system, designed for maximum production and lowest cost Lowest water consumption and lowest use of fertilizer Lowest impact on ground water, too Feed yourself; Feed others Run your own silver mining operation When your neighbors are starving, take their silver coins and gold Viewer discretion advised; Humorous, but somewhat obscene Related Posts#4 AMAZING VERTICAL GARDENING IDEAS FOR HOME | AQUAPONIC HYDROPONIC VERTICAL TOWERHow to Make Indoor Hydroponic Systems at Home | DIY Gardening Ideas & Hacks for Beginners 2020Roof Gardening: छत पर अदरक की बागवानी | Adrak/Ginger Plant on roof | Part 2 | Home Gardening 🌱Roof Gardening-Lauki plant on Roof | छत पर लौकी की बागवानी। | Part 1 | Home Gardening 🌱Best Indoor Hydroponic Gardening Systems for Your HomeHow To Make Your Own Japanese Zen Garden: Part 2 | Gardening | Great Home Ideas

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