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OPCOM Farm’s GrowFrame and GrowBox are indoor hydroponic gardening systems for home-grown plants and produce. They use high-efficiency LED lighting to monitor water, light and Ph levels. For more information, please visit —– Device Plus is an innovation blog created by ROHM, a semiconductor company. Device Plus covers a wide range of topics from IoTs and Wearable Devices to Robotics and AI using Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and other MCUs. The goal of Device Plus is to deliver fun and useful information to aspiring engineers who love creating things. Check out Device Plus today for free tutorials, hacks, and tips! Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHydroponic Gardening, As An Investment | hydroponic farming systemsWhy Local Vegetables Deserve The Investment Put ForthHydroponic Gardening, As An InvestmentHydroponic Gardening, As An Investmenthydroponic farming documentary, Home mad Hydroponic farm, hydroponic farming systemsPlant Collection – Hydroponic Farming Systems – Chili Pepper Growing

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  • Miranda Muse 1 year ago

    HI Great video- where can I find the design to build this hydroponic system? Thanks!