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  • MF Channel 5 years ago
  • goforgreenliving 5 years ago

    We really enjoyed your teaching on sustainability last night and we are looking forward to catching up on your video's and blogs. We are working on our aqua and hydro ponic set ups ourselves Thank you so much for the info and Ideas! Oh btw I can help y'all with the solar if you need. To my gardening buddy's I think we all could learn something from Stacy Check out her channel!?

  • T. Steven Sullivan 5 years ago

    That looks fantastic. I'm planning on building one of these with my kids for a fun summer project. How often do you need to run the pump? Do you have it on a timer? ?

  • Sulis Hs 5 years ago
  • Karsten Fjellheim 5 years ago

    Looks great for a first try. Good work!

    You could have twice the pipes on that area and you don't need to have pipes that thick (or so much space between them), or the pipes that diagonal(water flows sideways), but to each their own.

    Maybe aquaponics is something you could also get interested in??

  • Stacy Lyn Harris 5 years ago