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Updates made to reservoir and growing ruby crunch lettuce and a peek into my new self watering planter Related PostsBasement Hydroponic Tower Garden Version 2.0 9 Week Update“Tower Garden Planting” by Epic GardeningVLOG: Week 1 of the indoor garden | Starting a hydroponic gardenEasy Vertical Hydroponics Tower Garden – Even Beginners Can Grow FoodTower Garden® Grow 4 Week Time LapseMy PVC pipe hydroponic garden week 7

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  • marshall reagan 3 months ago

    If you look at yard sales , garage sales , flea markets & etc you may be able to find coolers cheap for using for this purpose.

  • Mike Walker 3 months ago

    Yes I planted the seeds directly in the hydraton amd then covered them over with an inch more to protect them.

  • Hydroponic Newb 3 months ago

    So you added the seeds directly into the hydroton?

  • Karl Becker 3 months ago

    Nice update. I like how you are starting the seeds in the expanded clay instead of in another medium. I always wondered if that was possible and I can't test myself until my growing season in a few months. Thanks.