This is a system, designed for maximum production and lowest cost
Lowest water consumption and lowest use of fertilizer
Lowest impact on ground water, too
Feed yourself; Feed others
Run your own silver mining operation
When your neighbors are starving, take their silver coins and gold
Viewer discretion advised; Humorous, but somewhat obscene

The Playlist is at:

Link to Google Sketchup hydroponic designs::
+BackToConstitution speak up if I need to delete the link with all the hydro…. design (bach 1+2 and big files 1+2)
To download it

My reply: No! It’s a great favor to all and thanks!

The Download Link to hydroponic systems is here:
Please let me know if you have any difficulty downloading

I can’t send any email. My account was closed and it was a struggle to get it back.
I sent many the designs and perhaps one of them used my email address to send out spam.
People do dirty things when you do them a favor!
I can’t take a chance on losing it, again!
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Hydroponic Garden for profit at $918 per square foot, income, annually Part One

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  • Anthony Mansour

    I build and design hydroponic systems for commercial farmers. Going on 25 years. I can hypothetically design many many systems that I can dream up. The only problem is , how does it function? Off the top of my head I can see dozens and dozens of problems that WILL arise. My suggestion , is to build a exact replica, only on a smaller scale. Until you actually have a working system, that you can "dial in" ,it's a great dream. When building hydro systems , nothing ever works as planned. Until you can test, work out the kinks, I would not spit out all those ridiculous numbers. Not to be a ass, I'm just being realistic. Good luck

  • Annie Eby

    Great vid. Around the 6 minute mark you're talking about: 1,125 hydroponic units (and room to walk), 726,000 plants, 4 crops a year, 2.9 million plants per acre. What vegetable are you referring to here? Peppers?

  • Jacques Kleynhans

    Biggest issue here will be sunlight, your concept might work if you add additional lighting to the equation. But good start ! trial and error / or simulate.

  • #CreativeResourcesBD

    greetings from, a startup venture from half way across the world focusing on introducing hydroponic farming. This is very inspiring. Can we collaborate somehow please !! cheers to your wisdom.

  • Mars Soriano

    For several nights already, some nights up to 4:00 am, I have been studying your hydrophonic system and your computations and I believe them all, which brought me to the decision of asking for your design. I would appreciate very much if you can send me the plan. I may not do it my self but I know several people (friends) who can do it for me. Thank you very much. You can send  it to my email: and my name is Mars.

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