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Subscribe for more News & Live: Website : Like us on FB@ Follow us on@ Video Rating: / 5 Here’s an update of our hydroponics and aquaponics garden. Our learnings from hydroponic carrots, sweet potatoes, potatoes — and our improved aquaponic system. Related PostsLyine Brand hydroponic system fodder sprout machine for livestock/animal/cattle/horse/goat/poultryPi Wall Vertical Hydroponic Grow System Living Walls‘Mati Vina Sheti’ – Hydroponic System- A Unique solution to fodder scarcityBuild Your Own Hydroponic Fodder System for Cattles Part-2 (System Video)Build Your Own Hydroponic Fodder System for Cattles Part-3 (Sprouted Seeds Feeding)Tips for raising hydroponic fodder grass & vissaka farmers experience

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