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  • BlackStarrGang 11 months ago

    nah i'll just do the tradional way SOIL!

  • Zuber S 11 months ago

    sound is just flooding in left ear

  • phil morehead 11 months ago

    how meany times a day do i water my plants,with a flood and drain system please help

  • Nurulhazimah mat isa 11 months ago

    thanks for sharing this video.. it help me to explain this topic in my class..

  • Phima Bina 11 months ago

    The drawback to hydroponics is you have to buy "plant food" or nutrition and supplements that are more costly.

  • Jose Lucio 11 months ago

    how long do you leave it flood and how long do you leave it drain and how many times per hours/day?

  • Pandaskypirate47 11 months ago

    Pest control

  • andrerocks577 11 months ago

    the growing medium is put on the vase. The water is meant to reach the roots, and not the growing medium itself.

  • Justin Pitcher 11 months ago

    you fill it with hydroton.

  • joshuaburris2007 11 months ago

    You normally cut a few holes in a lid and place the baskets so they hang with the roots dangling down.

    Then you can either fill the bucket until the roots are submerged for watering and then let it drain (ebb and flow), or misters or foggers will atomize and spray water that clings and drains from the roots and then runs off (this is how aero-ponics works)

  • Yosefa Dorfman 11 months ago

    I'm confused. How is the growing medium located above the water? What's holding it up?

  • MMO Maniac 11 months ago

    pump maintaince is a btch

  • 3865roofer 11 months ago

    i hear 2 times a day when you turn on lights and when right before they go off

  • CLeach13 11 months ago

    I wish someone would make a similar video for the bell syphon, its a great cheap ebb and flow system but can be extreamly finicky at times but I do find that once you have it set up it makes things fairly hastle free. I set one up with my aquaponics system and aside from some fine tuning of the inlet and outlet it works great. Just an illustation such as this would definatley be a big help

  • steveeb1269 11 months ago

    i have ran flood systems, but the whole top tank i filled with hydroton, using separete planters, does is hurt the roots that stick out, when the grow tray is drained?

  • Frank Furter 11 months ago

    how often do you flood/drain?

  • initialsareAK47 11 months ago

    Thank you so much. I have this exact setup but i never new how the water will drain back fully. i thought the overflow was supposed to take all the water but it didnt so i didnt know what to do. obviosly i needed a timer so the outlet could stop pumping and drain. but foolishly before i knew that i made wholes on the grow bed. this explains so much to me. THANK YOU!!!