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I get a lot of questions about the fertilizer that I am using in my hydroponic setups for growing lettuce and tomatoes. This is a thorough explanation of exa… Related PostsHow to Grow Vegetables Without Soil and Fertilizer || Hydroponic System || Water Growing MediaFinal Results – Hydroponic Fertilizer ExperimentHort Americas Organic Hydroponic Fertilizer Option – Terra Genesis and Terra BellaOrganic Hydroponic Fertilizer Experiment Nov 2013How I Mix My Hydroponic Fertilizer & What Fertilizer I UseFailed Again – Organic Hydroponic Fertilizer Experiment

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  • Anthony Perez 5 years ago

    If they would’ve told me this is what chemistry was used for in high
    school, i would have tried a little harder?

  • Eric Polino 5 years ago

    +mhpgardener As always, fantastic video, very informative. Questions: Many
    fertilizer feeding schedules are written out in teaspoons. I’d like to see
    how their scheduled PPMs compare to your formula here. I don’t know how to
    convert a teaspoon of a given fertilizer into grams. I know a teaspoon is
    5ml, but that’s not grams. The MSDS has a relative density of 2.2 (for my
    fertilizer), does this mean 2.2g / ml of fertilizer??

  • ChrisD4335 5 years ago

    hmm I can’t seem ti find any directions for the mix ratio at all on ether

  • Robert Taylor 5 years ago

    Would this hydroponic fertilizer work for all vegetables in the garden and
    where would you recommend me to get the ratio ( example 10-10-10 , 13-13-13
    ect..) from to be able to get as close to the right mixtures as I can??

  • adamtombar 5 years ago

    You are the best teacher i have ever seen . Thanks for your amazing
    detailed video and information.?

  • rodsboots 5 years ago

    Great job! thanks for the help!?

  • Ron Mocci 5 years ago

    Hi Bobby , I would like to ask you what you think about using Pro Mix
    with Hobby Formula 10-8-22 and a 1/4 ts. of Episom Salts ? Thxs?

  • Mike Knop 5 years ago

    How far apart do you put your Dutch buckets for tomato plants thanks?

  • sootedninjas 5 years ago

    have anyone used an “organic” nutrient solution successfully with the
    kratky method ? what have you used and what are other “organic”
    alternatives that will yield relatively close to MasterBlend or Chem-Gro ??

  • Davidautofull 5 years ago

    here is a 2 year old comment so if you have found out, sorry. did you know
    that adding baking soda lowers PH? i learned this when i had some
    aquariums. ill have to try to remember what i used to raise PH.?

  • Vorn Doolette 5 years ago

    thanks for the great info. I’m pretty sure Cleveland from family guy stole
    your accent. Just the way you guys say “Terrible”. Im in Aus and we got
    some funny accents down here too 🙂 I’m sure you’d be laughing at mine.
    Great videos. Thanks so much.?

  • Cody Scoggins 5 years ago

    Hey there, I bought the master blend and the epsom salt and calcium nitrate
    and mixed them according to your portions. Everything mixed up well but it
    remained clear, not green as I have seen in some of your videos. Any clue
    as to what did or did not happen? Perhaps it needs to dissolve over night??

  • christoff burnnhan 5 years ago

    hi mhp, wat is the nutrient solution for pepper plants in every 5
    gallons… pls answer me plss,,,?

  • John Gacy 5 years ago

    Can you use this formula on raised beds? ?

  • K. Howe 5 years ago

    Within the next week, most likely this weekend, I am building a 10 bucket
    system with the specifications of your vid from Oct. 8, 2012. I have
    watched this video a few times and am not sure on one issue. If I want to
    plant 5 buckets tomatoes, 3 buckets peppers and 2 buckets cucumbers will I
    be able to use the 19.5/18/38 solution mixture in the reservoir for all
    plants? I don’t want to grow only tomatoes, but I can’t set up 3 different
    complete systems.
    Thanks for all the great videos!

  • Cruz Uribe 5 years ago

    Did you know Master blend is using your youtube video on their web site??

  • Donna Shahan 5 years ago

    You’re on Masterblend’s website! That’s really cool!?

  • rholdnr 5 years ago

    Do you know if this will work in an aquaponic setup? Will it kill the fish??

  • Jay Valencia 5 years ago

    A lot has been said that PH levels is also important. It seems that the
    nutrients do affect the PH levels significantly therefore after the water
    PH is at the right level then adding the nutrients throws it off often
    times PH goes way down. And the task now it to increase the PH to hit the
    proper level. What is the best practice? Can anyone (Bobby?) let me know
    if it is good to test and work on the target PH level AFTER mixing
    nutrients and NOT BEFORE??

  • cbooker224 5 years ago

    Thanks so helpful?

  • Michael LIPP 5 years ago

    what do you recommend for foliar fertilizer in the outdoor garden? miracle
    grow for tomatoes for a general rule????

  • I taught fertilizer materials calculation at a State College. Corey P reply
    is correct in the fact The combined Master Blend and Calcium Nitrate is
    actually 9.75 – 9 – 19. See his post below for a explanation. You forgot
    to divide by 2 since you had twice as much weight.

    By using a EC meter to measure Part Per Million you can better adjust your
    Fertilizer to the Variety of plant you are growing. Tomatoes are heavy
    feeders and 1200 PPM of fertilizer is a about right for growing Tomatoes.
    Lettuce grows nice in 400 to 500 PPM. Too much or too little fertilizer
    will stunt growth. Remember to start with a Base line of PPM before adding
    the need PPM of Fertilizer.

    The way I deal with the objection below about Magnesium (Episom Salts) not
    mixing in, to use Chelated Magnesium Nitrate 7 – 0 – 0 which is a Liquid. I
    also use a small submersible fountain pump to keep the fertilizer agitated.

  • MorseCode Alpha 5 years ago

    Only hydropoinc gardener I have seen that actually takes the time to
    explain his experiences… very well done mhpgardener… keep up the good

  • kccustomuph 5 years ago

    Can’t tell you how many times I have referred to this video. Very
    helpful. Thanks so much.?

  • Corey P 5 years ago

    Hey Mhpgardener, the math on this isn’t quite right, my friend. You’re
    adding ratios, not actual whole numbers. So, when mixing a fertilizer with
    4% Nitrogen, and a fertilizer with 15.5% Nitrogen, you don’t get 19.5%. You
    actually get 9.75% (assuming you have the same size bags of both parts).
    You get all the denominators to match then you add the parts and divide by
    the number of parts. So, 4+15.5=19.5 and 19.5/2= 9.75%. Same goes with the
    other two parts.

    If the Masterblend and the Calcium Nitrate are both the same sized bags
    before you mix them, the actual N-P-K is 9.75-9-19. I’m surprised no one
    else has said anything on this yet. Love your videos though.?