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Ryan Oates is the founder and owner of Tyger River Smart Farm, growing various kinds of produce using hydroponics. Hydroponics is a method of growing plants that uses mineral-rich water instead of using soil. Oates practices hydroponics out of a greenhouse in Duncan, South Carolina, growing vegetables that go to venders across the state. Oates sat down with ETV to discuss Tyger River Smart Farm and the benefits of hydroponics. DID YOU LIKE THIS STORY? VISIT US ONLINE: LIKE US: FOLLOW US: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsTour of – Here We Grow – Hadley, MA Hydroponic Store (413) 584-FARMamazing vegetable on hydroponic farming system 3amazing vetable on hydroponic and fruit farming system 25How to Clone any plant for hydroponic or regular gardeningAmazing The Future Of Agriculture: Hydroponic and Vertical FarmingAmazing – The Future Of Agriculture: Hydroponic and Vertical Farming

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  • Karen Stevens Boykin 1 year ago

    A unique and wonderful way to grow plants!