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  • Srinivasyadav Yarrakula

    Any Food produced without soil is simply Carbon or Sugar or Carbohydrates. It doesn’t have any nutrients.
    It may be fresh and clean. In nature Plant makes sugar or carbon by photosynthesis
    feed the microbes in the soil. Microbes leaches nutrients like Calcium, iron ,
    Zinc etc,   from the soil in crystalline form make available
    to plant in ionic form called symbiosis. These nutrients and carbohydrates
    produced by plant in natural way in the form of fruit and food is natural food.
    NFT is not Nutrient Film Technology .It is a chemical Feeding Technology. Any
    food produced by chemical, don’t have any nutritional value simply sugar.

  • revanth ganesh

    NATURE/GOD- just add seed,water and cattle droppings..rest happens like magic!!..

    HUMANS- 1.add macronutrients likenitrogen,potassium,calcium,magnesium,oxygen,sulphur etc…
    2.add micronutients like zinc, nickel, boron, copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum, boron, and chlorine.
    3.add water,seed,organic substance Mimicing soil
    4.maintain and adjust proper pH
    5.hand Pollinate each flower with your own hands and use vibrators to mimic bee activity
    6. build high power led lamps and light all the crops
    7.maintain and adjust temperature of the area
    8.measure and adjust electrical conductivity
    9. buy numerous equipments ,raw materials ,tubes,furniture etc..for setting up the hydrophonics farm
    10.regulate humidity, air quality etc..in the indoor farm
    And many many more

    This is Not Science..this is Corporate owners Greed by making extremely simple aspects complicated and expensive!!!

  • Black Knight

    This is amazing. It's good to know that there are people out there doing their part in saving this planet. I would love to do that also.

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