In this video we will explain the concept of a Depth Regulator and how it functions, A lot of questions were asked regarding it in our RDWC build and we hope this video helps clarify everything.
A basic Depth Regulator regulates the height/level of water in the grow table
and according to how high or low the inner stand pipe is that will intern define the water level in the table, The inner stand pipe is the actual drain of the table.

Check our Hydroponic RDWC system for the full build.

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Hydroponic Depth Regulators & Stand Pipes, How do they work ?

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  • niall collins

    I would be very interested in learning from you do you do courses or I would work for the experience for free I'm seriously thinking about doing this in Madagascar

  • Botir Saliev

    thank you for the video, extremely helpful. my question is, should roots be completely under water or there should be some space? thank you in advnace

  • andy schumacher

    Thank you very much for the education! Is it possible that you show us the whole system with the waterpumps and airpumps and explain us the whole system im very very interested about it 🙂

  • sohour theung

    Thanks for your Great video, I have some question, Do you use normal water or you have mix the water with other solid? I have seen your small blue pipe what is this for?
    any guide setup in document or can find the detail one over internet please mention the site. I want to start with this, and i just go over the internet and find you the great one. Thank again for your great video. If you have document please help to send me


    Sir, can i ask one more question? You said that you can use one pump in one table and two lines for water supply right? How about the suction side sir? Can you explain the right way? Thank you…

  • Pham Hoang An

    Thank you very much for this sharing, it was very helpful
    I am very interested in the device to adjust the water level
    You can share how and the size (tube size) of the adjustment device
    Thank you

  • Zkywalker81

    Thanks a lot for the great video. I have two questions. Do you add the oxygen via the air compressor into the table or into the barrel in the ground? Does the circulation take place permanently or in intervals?

  • Guy van den Berg

    Hi, thank you for the great videos. I have a bunch of questions but will only ask a couple. I think I saw somewhere that your operation is in Gauteng, South Africa. I have a small hydroponics operation in Mozambique. I have 2.5K greens in Kratky bins as well as fruiting plants in dutch buckets. I am considering moving my operation to the Western Cape. I am using Kratky because of energy constraints. I am strongly considering moving to DWC.

    Can you tell us a little bit about aeration of the water. Do you have any form of air being pumped into the ground tanks or table, or does aeration only occur via the movement of water falling into the ground tank. What is the overall size of an individual table? At the site that I am looking to move to, I have 4 gutter connected tunnels. I potentially want to fill one with DWC. The size is 10 meter wide by 40 meter long. What is the maximum size that you would recommend for an individual table?