This year I am planting one row of potatoes in the FAWN. I wanted to see if planting on the very bottom will yield more than a few inches above the bottom as I’ve seen many do when planting in containers. Additionally, I filled the containers completely full in 3 of them to see if the chits would fight their way to the surface.

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A little about my setup. I have a hydroponic greenhouse. I grow in a system I call FAWN which is a modified hydroponic drip system. The media I grow in is aged rice hulls with parboiled rice hulls mixed. This has proven to be a great mix for me. I use Masterblend fertilizer as my nutrients to every plant grown. I’ve been pretty successful with my setup growing hydroponic tomatoes, peppers, broccoli, squash, cucumbers, cabbage, cauliflower, lettuce, turnip greens, corn, potatoes, kale, carrots, beets, spinach, onions, leeks, and even okra! Everything a gardener would desire. I also dabble in other areas like growing in raised beds, growing in a ground garden, grafting, pond activities, growing fruits, and other projects on the homestead.

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Hydroponic Container Potatoes in the Greenhouse

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  • Home Grown Veg

    Hello Brent. Potatoes looking good and way ahead of mine here in the UK where it's still a bit cold. I have noticed even with the small 10" pots that I use that there can be a big weight difference depending on what you are filling them with. For example o pot filled with a Soil based compost is a lot heavier than one filled with Forest bark and Wood chip. Are Rice hulls heavy or light in comparison to soil or dirt? HGV

  • Cultivating Organic by Jo & Mig

    I am hoping for the best potato harvest and extending that hope to you:-)  On the other hand, you are  so good with what you do in your garden, I'll just wait for a great harvest:-)

  • CB's Greenhouse and Garden

    Looking good buddy! Love me some taters. Wife planted some yesterday. Good luck and hope it will produce ya a bucket full!

  • Kevin Bradley Gardening and Outdoors

    They look healthy, it will be interesting to see how many potatoes you get. That is a small container for three potatoes, I think I would have put the three potatoes at three different levels in the second bucket, to compare. That way each potato has the whole width of the bucket for new potatoes to form. I am going to predict lots of small potatoes but I am not putting any money on it LOL

  • Jim Battaglia

    Brent what prompted you to use rice hulls in the beginning ? Was it cheaper than soil or is there a rice mill near you? I can not find any in Virginia

  • Jim Battaglia

    Nice looking potato bushes there Brent I just planted my potatoes outside since I do not have a greenhouse so I'll be seeing how they will be performing in the next couple months take care

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