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Here is Patti Moreno, the Garden Girl’s, indoor growing system. Very simple and easy. Feel free to share, post and embed this video. SUBSCRIBE TO MY FREE MAGAZINE: FULL TRANSCRIPT: Hydroponic Aquaponic Indoor Grow System [Music Playing] I spent all day today putting together my Aqua Phonic System. What I am going to be able to do is in the winter time I am going to be able to grow vegetable as well as fish. So, far I have my metal shelving unit here. You can get this at any hardware store, it is really easy to find then I also have a 55 gallon fish tank. Now in our fish tank I have a water pump. I have attached his clear vinyl tubing to the pump that is in there and this is basically called the quick connect, push connector. That is it that you need to do. It is now connected and I have attached it to this valve. This valve allows me to shut that flow off and it also allows me to adjust the amount of flow. One thing, I definitely want you to know before you set up your own Aqua phonic System is know that you are not going to be able to introduce any fish into that environment for about a week. So, you want to make sure that it is the right environment for your fish before you even get them and so, for the fish tank I have cut some strapping and that strapping is supporting my planters. Right along the bottom of the planters I have many little holes. What that is doing is that is allowing the water to drain before you back into the tank. In the galvanized planter I have put about two inches of three […]

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  • Deniz Yildirim 4 years ago

    How many fish do you need to provide enough nutrients for the veggies ? How do you decide that ? Can a fish provide correct mineral and vitamins for all veggies ?

    How much do you spend to feed the fishes 🙂 Is it feasible ? It might be pretty expensive to feed 10 fishes for months just to get some veggies ? Plus this is infact if you don't need any additional minerals…

  • muehahahaha 4 years ago

    really good video made me understand some parts easilier – great xD

  • Galvanized planters. clear tubing nitrate above 50ppm kills fish.. This is a failure of a design…

  • DJMovit 4 years ago

    Nice Concepts but a follow up video would be nice on most of these. I would have used plastic instead of the Galvanized planters. I want to see a follow up for her seed starter one. I want to see how the system floods the trays and drains down to the level below. I want to see how well the peat pots survive the flooding of the trays. Patti does good work I just want to see the entire process.

  • kirbycraig 4 years ago

    there really are a lot of thigs wrong with this. Galv (zink coated grow boxes) will kill the fish and introduce heavy metals. Perlite really isnt the best, and really, quite a few other problems.

    Clear plastic pipes get blocked with algae growth (sunlight or grow lights)

    The media in the grow beds really needs to be deeper.

    Sorry I dont want give you a hard time, but this really isnt a well planned system.

  • importconnection714 4 years ago

    Horrible design … A 55gal tank was not design to carry that much weight on top of it.

  • Konggrats Grats 4 years ago

    A few more hours on the light timer would be welcomed by the plants – and yes, the galvanized buckets do not mix well with living creatures. Get plastic – it's better and cheaper.

  • Scott McBride 4 years ago

    HAHAHA. I lold hard when I read this comment while listening to the background music. ahha

  • fuck google+ 4 years ago

    farming on soil has the advantage of only needing soil to work, though. 🙂

  • koreadude 4 years ago

    this lady is a genious! lol we need masterminds like her working in the agriculture section; farming on soil is a thing of the past and yet people still do it

  • eyeprefernot2 4 years ago

    perlite isn't good media for aquaponics

  • esspears 4 years ago

    Plant drippings? Lol! You have to feed the fish.

  • taylor williams 4 years ago

    Yall check mines out what do i need help on please help me

  • Rashia Wimbley 4 years ago

    What type of fish can you use? Just regular gold fish? Do you still feed the fish food or do they get enough food from the plant drippings?

  • just do it 4 years ago

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  • Jigaboopie 4 years ago

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