Added by on 2017-06-23 this is how a aeroponic hydroponic system should look if it is working properly, you can grow anything in this and you can use it to clone. i sell these for .00 s/h included at Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsBuild a Aeroponic Fogger for your hydroponic systemHow to Mix & Add Nutrients for a Hydroponic Aeroponic SystemPi Wall Vertical Hydroponic Grow System Living WallsIntroduction to the StinkBud Aeroponic, Hydroponic system of growing marijuana.How to grow up you own weed! Aeroponic systemHow To: Transplanting from an EZ-CLONE to Aeroponic System

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  • christina espinoza 7 months ago

    Fuckin awesome bro

  • RagingBubuli 7 months ago

    This is Sprayponics!

  • junior arcila 7 months ago

    a bro what about when the buckets get full

  • neotoy 7 months ago

    LOL, that is so not in the micron range.

  • biggergez 6 months ago

    switch to the other 360 degree sprayer that doesnt have those small holes, check my other video

  • djmx121 6 months ago

    I really like the sprayers you are using. Do you have problems with them clogging up after long periods of use? I have build one very much like yours and I am having trouble with my 360 degree sprayers clogging up. Any suggestions?

  • pergamum362 6 months ago

    @14CPO thats not a bad idea.except i would use like a 5 gallon bucket for less lighting space and less water power could just LST the plants to grow straight up again.I might do this.

  • pergamum362 6 months ago

    @olioful why not just put the 2nd tote with nutrients under the tote with the plants and put a hole in both so that the water can run back into the 2nd tote(a resevior)

  • Jay Dee 6 months ago

    whats the best way to circulate the water between both 18gl totes

  • tubestick00 6 months ago

    how do you atomize? is there a special nozzle? or another method?

  • tubestick00 6 months ago

    does mistifying the solution not oxygenate it?

  • biggergez 6 months ago

    185 gph pump im going to be doing a flood and drain system soon less problems with out those nozzles

  • SpidermanRun 6 months ago

    i didnt make an ass out of myself,,, You dont feed it at random times, you make up the nutirent mix and its done, you just either add more nutrient solution or change out all of it, theres no specific times ,

  • SpidermanRun 6 months ago

    you obviously dont know what your talking about at all, because that question makes no sence, go learn some stuff before wasting space with pointless comments

  • chornikcatfish 6 months ago

    great setup dude

  • Doc Blak 6 months ago

    sorry meant watering set up not lighting.

  • Doc Blak 6 months ago

    best lighting set up for me is 5 minutes on 20 minutes off. it works amazingly well

  • Fadeux 6 months ago

    WHAT?! 2 hours off? That can easily kill your roots. Run it 24/7, or get a 1on 5off NFT timer…

  • biggergez 6 months ago

    where do you get nozzles like that at ?

  • biggergez 6 months ago

    yeah i just started having all my plumbing inside and avoid drilling thru the bin, balancing sounds good i will also try this.
    im still experimenting to find best possible set up,i germinate seed in water and then transfer them once they open into stone wool