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Hydrophonics Fodder production Technology from lyinegroup গোট হেভেন, ব্লাক-বেঙ্গল জাতের আধুনিক ছাগলের খামার।আমার খামারটি টাংগাইল জেলায় অবস্থিত। Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHydrophonics Fodder production in low cost Technology by N Rama Rao – Express TVHydrophonic method of Green Fodder ProductionGovind Dairy Hydroponic fodder production low cost techniqueProduction of Green Fodder By Hydroponic Method Dist-SataraHydroponics Technology, Growing plants without Soil, low investment and high productionLow cost free housing farm & Hydroponic fodder technology by Govind Milk Phaltan

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  • Abu aisha 8 months ago

    ভাই গাড়ল ভেড়া খেতে পারবে???

  • Jabed Salim 8 months ago

    Bhai ami dekhechi chagol bera hydroponick foder khai apni bolchen khai na ghondo hoi ghondo remove korar kono opai ase ki.please janaben