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Green Tech HydroPhonics Video Rating: / 5 Hey guys. This is the last song for the album, so therefore I finally finished it! 😀 I hope you enjoy this last song! Happy Halloween everyone! And please don’t forget to visit the Hydrophonics page. Related PostsHydrophonics- Jingle Bells Remix(long instrumental version)System Shock 2 – PART 6 – GETTING A GRIP – HYDROPHONICS FINALE *** 1440p ***Waterjuice ?Hydrophonics X5 – Megaman Ft Zero The Fox (Original Mix)Hydrophonics Celery under Shade house & Packaged Produce by GSAHydrophonics: Fadeaway – slideshow

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  • Patitos Adelaide 1 year ago

    Akira style appears in homecoming, very good friend.

  • tR6yMusic 1 year ago

    This is the type of music i wanna make its so beautiful

  • JayKayR1 1 year ago

    I'd be more than happy to let you use it. Just let me know when your done the movie, because I want to see it when it's done.

  • enriquew88 1 year ago

    man im a fan of your silent hill inspired songs, they all are awesome !! can i use some of them in a silent hill inspired movie project ? i'll credit you of course