Methi /Fenugreek leaf is a very essential part of Indian cooking. It has many medicinal properties also. This green vegetable is used in many of our Indian dishes from methi malai mutter to Methi thepla/methi paratha. Dried methi leaf is one of the most aromatic element in Indian cooking.
During my stay out side of India , I could find that this is not easily available in local market even in Asian stores. So I decided to grow Methi leaves by myself. But as I did not have balcony or backyard in my apartment the only option I had to use no soil method/Hydrophonic method for growing this green vegetable.

I found this method is very easy, convenient and moreover you get organic fresh methi continuously for many days. Sharing the process with all of you to ease your life so that you can have uninterrupted source of fenugreek leaves.

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Detailed process:
You need: some methi seeds which is used for cooking, water, one Bowl, one porous container( for example big strainer), 1 small cloth.

1) Take some Fenugreek/methi seeds and soak in water for 1 hour.
2) after 1 hour drain out water and spread the methi seeds over a plate.
3) Take an wet cloth and cover it. keep it for 2 days.
4) Make sure the cloth is not dried during these 2 days
5) After 2 days the seeds will be germinated.
6) Take water in a big bowl.
7) Take a container having pores and put on top of that.
8) Put the seeds on this.
9) Keep in mind the seeds should not submerged into the water. The upper layer of water should be just below the strainer.
10) cover the system with wet cloth for more 2 days.
11) After 2 days small leaves will start coming out from seeds
12) From now onwards keep this system under sun. You can keep it in balcony or indoor where sunlight comes. Do not cover with cloth.
13)The leaves will grow and roots will start going down towards water.
14) change the water in 2 days interval.
15) For fast and better growth you can use water soluble fertiliser which is used for Hydrophonic method.
16) Within 2 weeks plants are grown enough to be consumed
17) you can cut part of the leaves as per your requirement and then leave remaining to grow for future use.
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