Learn about Hydrophilic and Hydrophobic substances and how they interact with water.
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Thanks for stopping by, this is 2 Minute Classroom and today we’re discussing hydrophilic vs hydrophobic substances.

Let’s start boradly and break down the words. Hydro, as you may know, means water.

Philic or phil means a strong attraction or affinity for something. A bibliophile is someone who loves books, and philanthropy literally means the love of humanity.

Phobic or phobia, on the other hand, means fear of. Common uses are Arachnophobia, fear of spiders and Xanthophobia, fear of the color yellow.

So hydrophobic means water fearing or water hating while hydrophilic means water loving.

Now let’s let’s take a more scientific approach.

Hydrophilic substances dissolve in water. These include ionic compounds like salts and polar molecules like alcohols. Most ingredients in any drink are hydrophilic, and thus, dissolve in water. This is because water is polar and hydrophilic substances breakdown to be surrounded by water.

Hydrophobic substances, however, do not easily dissolve in water. They repel it. Oils and other fats as well as non-polar molecules are hydrophobic. Ever seen waterproof fabrics? They use hydrophobic material.

These concepts become very important when talking about the cell membrane, or phospholipid bilayer. This membrane has both hydrophobic and hydrophilic portions and allows our cells to function properly and safely. I’ll make a separate video about the awesomeness of the cell membrane and link it below.

SO that’s pretty much it for hydrophilic and hydrophobic. If you have any additional questions, throw them in the comments, and be sure to check out my other videos and subscribe so you don’t miss a thing.

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I’ll catch you next time!
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