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In this video, Ethan gives a lesson on the importance of pH and how to manage it in your farm. He explores why controlling pH is essential to growing healthy crops, pH levels leading to deficiencies in your plants, why a healthy farm requires daily pH monitoring. Ethan also gives a rundown on the best ways to monitor pH levels, weighs the pros and cons of pH meters versus litmus tests, and advises on what products you will need as well as avoid to make sure your crops grow the best that they can. —————– Timestamps/What’s Covered: 00:17 What is pH? 00:52 pH in Hydroponics – Managing pH 02:09 Monitoring 04:36 Adjusting 07:05 Dosing 08:43 Troubleshooting 10:54 Recap —————– Connect with Bright Agrotech: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: —————– Music by: Scott Gratton Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsSetting Up the HydroFarm EMSYST Emily’s Garden All-in-One Hydroponic SystemBEST OF DESIGN AQUAPONIC AND HYDROPONIC SYSTEMAquaponic Farm – Hydroponic GardeningUsing GrowGrips In Your Aquaponic or Hydroponic SystemTreating Fungus on Our Cucumber and Melon Plants (Hydroponic & Aquaponic)Hydroponic Aquaponic Indoor Grow System

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  • Eric K 6 months ago

    I have questions. I just want to start a home zip grow system with 3'or 4'toweres and a small tub with goldfish. My ph out of the tap is 7.8 and I don't want to have to battle it. Ph changes are especially dangerous to fish as well by the way. What would you recommend growing with a ph of 7.8? I live in Southern California.

  • Aliasgar Quilonwala 6 months ago

    what's the main reasons effecting pH to go down. mine nutrients pH goes down to even 4.6 .
    so adding pH up regularly won't harm nutrients ???

  • Nikita Geovanis 6 months ago

    For those whose time and effort is worth more than it takes to monitor and manually adjust pH (like me), a better hydroponic nutrient product with pH balanced technology (similar to AN) is on its way. No more pH up/down, no pH meter, no additional voodoo liquids, just one awesome product… Anybody else think this would be cool? I've invented it, conducting further testing, close to initiating the registration process…

  • i feel alot more comfortable with bright agrotech knowing that ethan is in the mix. dude.