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this one should be better..I eliminated the night period somewhat….Grab your meds to this one with ya boy!! Related PostsMarijuana Growing Time Lapse Video LED’s BEAT HID!Lima Bean Time LapseTime Lapse of Sunflower from Seed to FlowerGrow Your Own Mushroom Kit Time Lapse (3 Day Growth Cycle)Cannabis Grow Results Time Lapse To HarvestGreen Toys Indoor Gardening Kit Sprouts Time Lapse

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  • TheKeebo3000 2 years ago

    that's cool….sorry for late reply?

  • Cyclonex1CA 2 years ago

    What strain..Sweet ??

  • Some One 2 years ago

    Superb!! how much did you yield from how many plants??

  • Highest Pariah 2 years ago

    Hey man, I was wondering if I get permission to use this vid for a non-profit project I'm doing. just a quick 4 second snippet is all.?

  • AmpB53 2 years ago

    Man that first track. Love it?

  • Kevin Williams 2 years ago

    That was some good looking smoke homie. Grow on my brotha?

  • Deez Mutts 2 years ago

    this video has become one of my wake and bakes before work.?

  • ImengedohtDef90 2 years ago

    Hey Dude, would you buy this led again?

  • Deez Mutts 2 years ago

    How long is your veg time??

  • OGkushmane chongdobbie 2 years ago

    What's that song called at the beginning of the video? ?

  • Deez Mutts 2 years ago

    that shit look like a pound?

  • Deez Mutts 2 years ago

    Your music made me turn my own off lol?

  • money mitch 2 years ago

    and would the hydro grow 126x be sufficient for the grow box?

  • money mitch 2 years ago

    wassup bro, im about to order the earth cab pro xl and I wanted to ask how hot does it get with the 600w hps??

  • SnakeDoc21 2 years ago

    Yeah man that was a real good treat…! This one came out nice….! Good job…! Peace..

  • BA Jones 2 years ago

    wonderful me liked it good shit looks like you had a very nice harvest ;)?