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This is a growing system similar to NFT but uses deeper water levels for root growth. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsWaterproof T8 LED Grow Light Tubes For Vertical FarmingSour Kush Vertical Grow, Flooded TubesBuilding a Aeroponic System for growing veggiehydroponics growing system homemade – Building a hydroponic vertical gardenFarm-To-Table Vertical Aeroponics Greenhouse, Art Garden & How We’re Building The Growing System!Grow Vertical – Harvest More with Controlled Vertical Production

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  • 1stMarS 10 months ago

    Hi sir, any updates on the comparison between the vertical system vs the horizontal system in term of : cost to run, efficiency, particality, as well as productivity. Thank you sir.

  • Heavy D Silva 10 months ago

    Luv it ….. "air-re-ate" is that a word.