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▼▼▼Click “Show More” for resources▼▼▼ A little over a month in and the Tower Garden has massive plants…spinach that will blow your mind, cucumber leaves that look prehistoric, and lettuce that’s exploding beyond belief! ►Full Tower Garden Review: Tower Garden Review ►Join our worldwide gardening community: ►Epic Gardening on Social Media: Instagram: Pinterest: Facebook: Twitter: _______________________________________ ▼▼▼Gardening Equipment I Use▼▼▼ Basic hydroponic nutrients: Simple pH testing kit: Fancy pH testing pen: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsUnder Current XXL Hydroponics -HUGE- Root System Harvest Time!!!Tower Garden Transplanting MistakesHuge Harvest & Complete Walkthrough of The 100% Organic Vegetable GardenHuge Carrot Harvest #141 Heirloom Organic Vegetable GardenHow to Harvest Your Tower GardenEasy Vertical Hydroponics Tower Garden – Even Beginners Can Grow Food

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  • Christine Carney 6 months ago

    With the spinach leaves so big, how did it taste?

  • Enrique Goitia 6 months ago

    what type of nutrients did you placein the towers? does tower garden give you a made mix

  • Sheds Direct 6 months ago

    Through this video, another type of gardening such as Tower Garden was demonstrated. In fact, this method can help the plants to be more productive and healthy on its own way. It is very grateful to learn these ideas. Remember that growing your own vegetables in your garden is worth rewarding.

  • Epic Gardening 6 months ago

    Thanks man! Yea, the Tower + full sunlight + good nutrition seemed to just allow them to blow up bigtime. Anything else you'd like to see from me! We'd love to see you on the Epic Gardening forums if you're just starting out!

  • rx3rotary 6 months ago

    Great stuff buddy!! I've never seen spinach or cucumber leaves that big. Crazy!! I've just transplanted a variety of veg seedlings into my first DWC setup and your vids have given me plenty to look forward to. Keep up the updates…

  • Epic Gardening 6 months ago

    Thanks Lucy!

  • Epic Gardening 6 months ago

    Thanks bro!

  • GetOffTheGridGuy 6 months ago

    Freakin EPIC brother!!!!!!!