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Visit Our Website!! —————————————— ► Want Us To Review Your Product? Other Promotion Inquiries? ► Email: Video Course Affiliate: ► Other Channel:… —————————————— Connect With Us: ► Facebook: B&B Lawn Care and Property Services, LLC ► Instagram: bblawncareandpropertyservices ► Periscope: bblawncare ► Snapchat: bblawncare ► Youtube: B&B Lawn Care Links To Our Sites: ► ► ► ► ► B & B Lawn Care provides weekly lawn mowing for residential and commercial customers. Striping properties near Kansas City, Liberty and Gladstone in Missouri. We understand you have a busy lifestyle! When you are a weekly client, you will come home to a well manicured lawn. Not home when we show up? No problem, payments can be made weekly or monthly. We can have you set up FAST, EASY and have your property in tip top shape! ​ Commercial Equipment: Scag John Deere Ventrac Wright Stander Stihl Trimmer Echo Power Equipment Some Of The Topics We Talk About: -How to name your company? -How to grow your social media? -How to bid a property? -Cannon 70D -How we are going to grow in 2016? -New truck? -How to grow my company? -How to get more clients? -How To Reach Your Goals -Drones -Videography -Lawn Care -Lawn Care In Kansas City -Landscaping -Mulch Other Great Channels: Geek To Freak Fitness, The Lawn Care Nut, Gary Vaynerchuck, The Landscaping Employee Trap, Top Notch Lawn Care, Ring Lawn Care, Roman Atwood, Casey Neistat, The Pond Digger, JIT Supply, Grant Cardone Are you looking for Lawn Care in Kansas City? Call B&B! We Always Try To Mix Videography, Business and Entertainment Together! It’s Time To Kill It!! SUBSCRIBE! Related PostsBenefits Of Using Pine Straw Mulch In Garden And Finding MorelsHow to make a huge pot gardening […]


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  • cesar san 1 year ago

    now i know you do Mulch work, i saw this video before and i forgot.

  • Alex Vail 1 year ago

    I have a bobcat and that thing is the best tool I have you should really get one.

  • travcon8 1 year ago

    All their grass is dead, who cares about mulch?

  • izzi 1 year ago

    very nice job man that was a lot of work for just one guy

  • Matt Swanson 1 year ago

    Team up in spring and buy a lot of mulch if you are remote like me and sell to them. Good video. Add more value, 10 minn of driving sucks.

  • McKinley Landscaping 1 year ago

    Is that a new trailer?

  • CDC Landscaping Services 1 year ago

    How Long did that size of a project take you … and nice work !!!!

  • DT LAWN SERVICE 1 year ago

    Is that job in Mosby MO.

  • DT LAWN SERVICE 1 year ago

    I go to the same exact place to go get mulch and rock. 

  • kodiak wild 1 year ago

    soon you'll be able to get a dump trailer, brother. big jobs like that, i like to have mulch delivered if it doesn't cost too much.

    the rear window pov was nice, & surprisingly stable.

  • Brandon Fazenbaker 1 year ago

    Nice video man. That a lot if work. How long did that take you? Did you have help? Would you mind telling me how much you charged? I'm starting to do mulch this year and I have no idea how to charge. 

  • JohnDeere50d 1 year ago

    I wish I had a small tractor with a bucket, but I do have access to a bobcat and mini excavator if i really need it

  • Johnny Mow 1 year ago

    Is that your gator? Nice job and nice equipment.