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Free4All Chicago explores a MASSIVE Power Plant in Chicago. It is hard to show how huge this place is. You could literally walk around here all day and not even see half of it. Easily one of the coolest places we have checked out. See a photo gallery of this place here: Music: Intense Horror Whispering Music Witch Hunt- Kevin MacLeod Deep Noise- Kevin MacLeod Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsChicago's Abandoned Power Plant | Rooftopping | Urban Exploring1930′ Chicago Pneumatic Power Plant Engine Start and Run[JOB] Utilities Engineer | Power Plant Engineer | Chicago, ILExploring Chicago’s Abandoned Coking PlantMissing Chicago Teen Body Found In Abandoned East Garfield Park Building.About Plant Chicago

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  • Bill Owen 9 months ago

    This place is the master level of urban exploration. The stereo was a clever decoy. nice of them to leave the lights on, but would have been really cool without any lights…reminded alot of Half Life… btw, you guys should make video about properly outfitting yourself for urban exploring, anonymously of course

  • radio40 9 months ago

    if it's the one along 22nd street it's been shut down since around year 2000 they keep shutting them off around the country and the Midwest and saying that we have plenty of capacity it is true if you have a country with no jobs you don't need power plants to turn on light bulbs because the machines these places once powered are gone

  • Guarantee that there's workmen in that building , maybe not in any areas you all where in but there is a crew there full time. Another thing, if ya want to be on camera better do more to hide ur face, I mean with the face recognition programs now a days , and with people doing selfies all over the place if they wanted to make an example of someone it wouldn't be difficult.
    Now for the praise, Kick ass video, That's some true heights up there where you were walking, And ya didn't turn tail and book when you first here the radio. Nice video boss

  • Marco A. Salazar 9 months ago

    Wow, it looks exactly as the Simpsons power plant.

  • m Slay 9 months ago

    So, at 12:10 that’s high voltage electricity. There are ComEd vaults there. All you had to do is lean on one of those and you’d be dead.

  • Kaizer Glick 9 months ago

    This place is to be torn down soon

  • greenspiraldragon 9 months ago

    Power company doesn't care if they leave the lights on why would they care.

  • Thomas Jefferson 9 months ago

    Huge as in foot print… maybe. In terms of generating capacity? Tiny.

  • Jared Telford 9 months ago

    So, they keep the lightbulbs replaced at an abandoned power plant. How ironic.

  • Angel Dagreat 9 months ago

    There's only two coal plants in Chicago the Crawford on Pulaski and 35 and the Fisk on cermak and Morgan I think this is the Fisk

  • KRAYZIETROOPER 9 months ago

    Great vid… I use to work here.. miss it alot… Brought back alot of great memories… Laughed when I heard the music…

  • abstractclass 9 months ago

    Not far from where I live. Its an old coal power plant. I had no idea it was completely abandoned though.

  • captain America 9 months ago

    Looks like the plant on Pulaski and I-55.

  • cannolikid 9 months ago

    fisk generating power plant station!

  • Kyle H 9 months ago

    Where at in Shy town? My Father is from Joliet. would be Amazing too go see this!!

  • Matthew Schulz 9 months ago

    Where is this exactly. I.E street name address town? Thanks and great video

  • adam poltorak 9 months ago

    Cool Video!!

  • ChicagoSirens 9 months ago

    Always wanted to see an urban exploration of this plant. Can you guys do the other one that's not too far away from this one?

  • Mord Fustang 9 months ago

    I never would have thought this place was abandoned, I pass by it all the time. I ended up exploring the Damen silos instead

  • OpticMC 9 months ago

    heading there tonight wish me luck!