Added by on 2017-07-17 How Vertical Gardens Enhance Outdoor Living Spaces More and more homeowners are turning their backyards, decks and patios into outdoor living rooms. Not only can this add value to a home, but it can make a small home feel larger, simply because of the additional square footage that has been added outside. Typically, you don’t need much furniture to create an outdoor living space. A sofa and a rug or a couple of chairs with a small table are some examples of basic outdoor seating areas. However, to actually re-create the feeling of an indoor living space, you want to add home decor accessories such as cushions, area lighting, vases with plants and wall art. These additions make an outdoor space feel much more homey and comfortable. Of course, you want your outdoor decor to be able to hold up to the elements. Be aware of moisture, wind, sun and of course critters. Water and fade resistant fabrics are important as well as rugs and lamps designed specifically for the outdoors. Weatherproof paintings or photographs can be a little more challenging, which is where vertical gardens come in handy. They can provide an interesting focal point for a room, area easy to care for and work well outside, of course. Since vertical gardens can be any size, you can make or buy one to fit any size outdoor room. You can even use several small planters instead of one large one. Arrange them in a uniform line or grid layout or hang them in staggered locations for a more casual or artistic look. Unlike a painting or other more permanent wall fixtures, some vertical gardens allow you to change plants seasonally or annually to create an entirely different look. They also can stand on their own if you decide […]

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