How Vertical Farming Works And How It's Changing EVERYTHING!

How Vertical Farming Works And How It’s Changing EVERYTHING!

Welcome back to Down on the Farm, today on the channel we are going to find out How Vertical Farming Works. Vertical farming is exactly what it sounds like: a way of farming on vertical surfaces rather than traditional, horizontal farming. By using vertically stacked layers, farmers can produce a great deal more food on the same amount of land. Often these layers are integrated into buildings such as skyscrapers, housed in warehouses or shipping containers, greenhouses (like ours) or otherwise placed in spaces that would otherwise be unfit for farming. Yet vertical farming is so much more than just stacking plants and hoping for the best. The practice requires artificial control of temperature, light, and humidity to succeed. If a delicate balance is not maintained, it’s possible to lose an entire crop the way a traditional one might in the event of a drought or flood.

Yes, it seems vertical farming may be the answer to many of agriculture’s challenges, providing us with more food on less land and doing so in a sustainable way. But how does vertical farming work, exactly? There are several models available, from patio gardens built into old pallets, to warehouses and greenhouses that produce food for entire communities. Here are the details on how Eden Green Technology’s vertical farming greenhouses work. With our vertical farming technology, crops are cultivated in stacked plant cups within tower-like structures. These towers are actually hydroponic systems designed to produce the perfect micro-climate and allow farmers to grow whatever types of crops they choose, year-round. Our vertical hydroponics are designed to provide crops with access to natural sunlight, so they grow with less waste of land, water, and energy. And our state-of-the-art sustainable system allows you to control all aspects of your farm. This includes production tools that will help you optimize crop cycles and produce plenty of yields to meet your needs. Finish till the end to know more how Vertical Farming Works.

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How Vertical Farming Works And How It's Changing EVERYTHING!

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