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This is a long video , but…it’s worth to watch people, in this video I took my time to record many tips and tricks about the tile roof installation, I used to be a production tile installer for many years, working by piece work , so I used to fly on roofs, I’m a professional roofer , so everything I show you here is going to help you to be a better tile installer in the real world. I’m not greedy and I’m hoping to help a lot of roofers that want to do better job with out “0” Errors. Greetings from : Eric Garcia. Related PostsNew Roofing – Roof 90lb hotmop Installation and Roof tile loadingHOW TO INSTALL PLWOOD SHEATHING!.The .best installation video. Roofing videoRoll roofing installation, Flat roof installation step by step ,must watch!DIY Metal Roofing Installation, Basic How-To VideoAffleck Roofing – How to replace a broken slate or rood tileHow to lay concrete roofing tiles on a roof, how to tile a roof explained !

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  • Russbel Sanchez 3 months ago

    Garbage work buddy. The entire roof needs to be seal and water tite.bats and birds are going to be nesting in that's valley…

  • Bay Area POS 3 months ago

    Thank you Eric. I looked at the other guys videos and threw them away. You tell the truth about how to roof!!

  • Foard Fow 3 months ago

    You are so talented that now I'm learning Spanish!

  • Jeremy Forbis 3 months ago

    You dont use channel medal for starters. Must be in Arizona. You have to step flash the tile with led. If you would of used sticks you wouldnt have caulk them plus you put the caulk in the water channel. Learn how to roof dumb ass

  • Brian Harrington 3 months ago

    How are you not cutting the metal in the valleys you're not showing that

  • OneLove18 3 months ago

    I have a s tile roof and the squirrels are getting in threw the hips and ridges because they aren't filled in. Would i be able to use stucco mix with color instead of cement?

  • Jeremy haury 3 months ago

    And at 14:30 i noticed after your guy that isn't tied off walked over the open skylight curb that shoulda had plywood over it, your guy didn't bib the skylight saddle.
    And next time why not put a $100 aluminum solar tube tile flashing in the bid, saves time and meets code and TRI requirements for 2 metal flashing on a tile roof.

  • Jeremy haury 3 months ago

    At 4:15, is that the final product!? Caulked cuz he cut it so short and left the tails for the water to ramp off. What ever water doesn't run off that tab ain't going uphill over that tile below and have to get past the rtw blocking the tilepan. It'll clog and jump the metal right under that valley flashing. I would make my guy rip that up and redo right with a cricket that isn't short to the tilepan. Run the tile pan to drain to the valley. Hope you at the least finger smoothed that caulk my friend. Jobs site is clean and you are laying the tile fast, I'll give you that. Some of the metalwork and other details I'm seeing doesn't make sense to me though and are the cause of many of the leak repairs I do today.

  • Jim Fontaine 3 months ago

    What are doing about all of the Silica your tile cutter is generating?

  • Victor Biais 3 months ago

    X aki donde yo trabajo ninguna casa se a yevado el huracán

  • Victor Biais 3 months ago

    No saben trabajar aka en la Florida lo asemos mejor y rápido

  • Arturo Flores 3 months ago

    Quiero poner Texas de barro en mi casa con vigas y sintas sube un vídeo de una agua

  • Jordan Royce 3 months ago

    What saw and blade should I use.? (On budget )

  • Jose Perez 3 months ago

    Abla en español pendejo nomas yegas a estados unidos te comes una hamburger y he crees gringo bato pendejo fucker your English is not even fluent pendejo de mierda y so veracruzano y no quiero aprender aser cochinadas puto

  • Jose Perez 3 months ago

    Deja tus mamadas puto tramito lo clavo con la punta de la verga

  • kullebs 3 months ago

    Ein neues Dach und es sieht aus wie hingeschissen.

  • Joseph Böhme 3 months ago

    A BIT ARROGANT.– when you tell them to not do something -they will   Glue without battens CRAP IN HOT  see the canadians- this so so old school wrong.

  • Mario Torres 3 months ago

    muy buen video compa un saludo para el chapin

  • aguly 3 months ago

    what kind of silicon or calking did you use in the union of the two tiles?