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Download for iPhone: Download for Android: – Roofing Calculator app is made for roofing contractors and sales people to help you quickly estimate roofing cost, roof size, and roofing materials amount and prices. This app combine most popular roofing calculators from into one easy to use and customize roof calculator for contractors. Roofing calculator is an excellent sales and roof estimating tool for roofing sales professionals, and will greatly simplify your roof estimate process. With roofing calculator you can provide a roof quote to your customer on the spot, instead of having to go to the office. Features include: Fully customizable general materials prices and general settings – you can change: – Waste factor for gable and hip roofs. – Cost per square for materials and labor. – Cost for each skylight and chimney flashing. – Roof tear-off cost per layer. – Miscellaneous materials cost. – Many more setting. For every roof you can choose roof size (width and length), roof pitch, roof type (gable or hip), roofing material (each material profile can be changed individually), number of stories / floors in the house (you can charge extra for each addition level), roof difficulty, number of skylight and chimney flashings, ridge vent cut-in and installation, roof tear-off and plywood (CDX / OSB) and other roof deck replacement. Video Rating: / 5 Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHow to use ROOFING CALCULATOR – p2ROOFING CALCULATOR iPhone App – roof estimating software for contractors & salesmenRoofing Calculator iPhone & iPad app Preview – Part 2Roofing Calculator App – Setup GuideFree Roofing Calculator App for iPhone & Android – (HD)Metal Roofing Calculator – free app for iPhone & Android – (HD)


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  • Veronica Bergey 4 years ago

    Hey man where are you pricing this? I'm getting 21.77 a bundle so why are you putting $79 per sq. also per sq what? Meter, foot, inch, kilometre?

  • Brian Exline 4 years ago

    Seems pricy for an app that can only do 1 slope. Make this able to do multiple slopes at the same time with valleys, drip edge, etc and our 30 man sales force would gladly pay $50 for it. Don't forget the option to save each roof.