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Looking to lose weight? Feel better? Have more energy? Feel fuller for longer? These are fab … Contact me on to order xx If you are thinking about joining the business but having doubts then give this a watch! This is life changing! I don’t from benefits to this within a few months! Related PostsBear Grylls review of Juice PlusHow to make a Juice Plus shake ? Why Juice Plus ?How Juice Plus Berry Capsules Have Helped me…Juice Plus Tower GardenWhat is Juice Plus?MI EXPERIENCIA JUICE PLUS. METODO DE CONTROL DE PESO

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  • Bradley Brand 1 year ago

    How long did it take you to lose weight while taking them?

  • junior Jeannot 1 year ago

    Dolifecare is a social healthcare service focused on connecting patients or advice-seekers with a variety of medical professionals in order to improve well-being.

    Patients can use the site to ask medical professionals for advice using live chat rooms with registered doctors, nurses, surgeons, dentists, psychologists, and much more from the comfort of their own home. Doctors can assign slots of free time for patients to schedule appointments to gain professional guidance. Doctors providing patients with helpful experiences are rewarded with positive reviews which the doctor can use to build reputation and find even more patients seeking aid.

    Medical professionals can utilize the Medical Outbreak feature to stay informed of and prepared for outbursts of disease. Other Dolifecare features include Medical Reports, Healthcare News, Biding for appointments or operations, and more.

    We believe building a robust and affordable user-friendly system will enable medical professionals to engage with patients more quickly and efficiently than ever before.

    We look forward to you joining our community and creating a happier, healthier society!

  • Dawn McCovey Heckel 1 year ago

    Can I get them from you? If so how much are they? My email address is

  • dangel angello 1 year ago

    fantastic vid, thanks. I have been mixing it with water but I will defo try that method now. I will still get a pint of water down with them like the packet instructs, but it'll save all the mixing.

    Anyone on a weightloss program will be hard pushed to find anything else as effective as boosters+

  • nicola Rathbone 1 year ago

    go you hun. I started selling for juice plus recently really hope I can do as good xx

  • Mynd Eye 1 year ago

    How do you sell? And who to?

  • Melzie CeCe 1 year ago

    Wow hun your doing amazing!! I've not long become a JP Distributor but finding it hard to get people :(

  • Shash The king 1 year ago

    Amazing video hun! Inspired me too join even as a man! Thanks x

  • Maria Del Carmen Felix 1 year ago

    You go girl! It is wonderful to hear your success story, now this encourages me a lot. thanks!