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Order Asian vegetable seeds at Visit our website for more gardening videos… Thank you very much for your support. Related PostsVegetable Garden Fertilizers: Nitrogen (N), Phosphorous (P) & Potassium (K) – All the Details!How to start a vegetable garden (开垦新菜园)How to rescover your vegetable garden after floodHow to install a reliable drip system for your vegetable garden (菜园自动滴灌系统)Gardening – Understanding Fertilizers and NutrientsStarting An Indoor Farming Company: Organic Fertilizers (9/12)

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  • wing chan 1 year ago

    You are awesome!

  • Shamsad Akter 1 year ago

    How to protect your garden in winter?

  • george medeiros 1 year ago

    aloha to our garden ohana, its been a while did your new baby come yet, how your garden and ofcoirse your ohana fine I hope,, past couple months been busy with a contractor to make my new hollow tile back wall then I put up the plywood fence me and my wife still little more work for them to complete, hope to hear from you take care give your ohana 1 big huge from me and my wife aloha oh yea hows the seeds I sent you were the veggies good

  • Matt's Darkness 1 year ago

    Thank you. I work all winter with your advice, it's spring now and my garden looks great.

  • Jennifer Tang 1 year ago

    You made me feel work harder In my garden. I love gardening, I feel I can't give anything a go after watching your video.

  • cinna mon 1 year ago

    hi, i'm trying to fertilize a orange tree in central Florida , i have a bag of fertilizer – i forgot what it was tipple 6 maybe, then i add some ash from wood . it this area its all sand.

  • rtd237891 1 year ago

    Your video s are very good I am going to grow some Asian vegetables this year in the garden thanks for the videos.

  • Marietta Brennan 1 year ago

    Hi what part of Florida?,I'm here Orlando,FL.

  • Rose Blake 1 year ago

    I must say, this is by far the best educational video for vegetable gardens!  Your daughter is cute! By the way, I love the trellis you've created….I'm trying to make it  cheaper.

  • Cy_Belle 1 year ago

    Nice vedio , thanks for sharing.

  • Erwin Manahan 1 year ago

    I salute you, I also love gardening :)

  • gutiersa 1 year ago

    Great video. Thanks

  • Isa Ali 1 year ago

    I know that's y I reply and by d way u talk like u have no toung

  • Mumbai Balcony Gardener | Avid Life Observer 1 year ago

    I am watching all your videos as I get time. You mention in every video about burying organic fertilizer deep and top dress with 10 10 10 . How does this affect the life in your soil?Do you still have worms and other microbes in your soil? I am facing the same situation you mention. I am struggling with an organic container garden. Growth is too slow as compared to the work I put in. However since I have red wigglers in my containers I refrain from using inorganic. Do let me know about your soil life. Best wishes from Mumbai, India.

  • Glendram 1 year ago

    Your videos are so informative, inspiring. I will be following your guidance, thank you. Do you grow the long garlic stems ?

  • DijonInjection 1 year ago

    So much great info. I had no idea why the tips of my almond tree comes out strange and wrinkled, but after seeing this video, I suspect that a lack of calcium might be the problem. I will try either some crushed eggshells, or maybe a little ground up gypsum board leftovers from a previous renovation. Thank you, and keep making videos. Subscribed.

  • Isa Ali 1 year ago

    I'm so happy u no DAT dum donkey

  • Asiangarden 2table 1 year ago

    Order Asian vegetable seeds at

    Visit our website for more gardening videos

    Thank you very much for your support.

  • Isa Ali 1 year ago

    u talk like u have no toung

  • george medeiros 1 year ago

    Aloha our garden ohana, all is well for us hope same for your ohana, hey sista we get our own hawaiian salt, you tink we can just use our own salt straight from da off spray, from the wind that carries da salt to da rocks and cures right there on da spot should be da same huh, or does it have to be process in a speacial way mahalo sista, dis one adda good one keep up da good work sista, man da details you present is just unblieveable so again much mahalo, me and da wife big supporters of you and your ohana. Aloha. George and danyelle medeiros pacific palisades oahu hawaii 96782 way up mountain I live a minute drive to da forrest lol luck we live hawaii