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Learn tips on how to fish with the wooly bugger fly fishing lure in order to achieve the best results when fishing in this free angling instruction video. Expert: David Dirks Contact: Bio: David Dirks is the weekly outdoor columnist for the Time Herald-Record ( under the Sports section), one the leader newspapers covering the lower Hudson Valley New York area. Filmmaker: David Dirks Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsFishing Techniques In Bangladesh.Tie it All Together with the Thick Wooly Tie– Rules | Style | GQArizona Koi and Carp Fishing – Great Labor Day Fishing at Crystal GardensShorts in Minecraft – Wooly the Talking Sheep (Animation)Arizona Bass Fishing at Crystal GardensBass Fishing | Crystal Gardens | Arizona

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  • Judge Dredd 6 months ago

    wet line the fly downstream. cast the fly to the other side of the river, and then let it swing around, then slowly jig it lift and then let it go. as you reel it in or let it stay there. works in faster or slow currents. i use the black bugger, but put a soft glow in the dark bead over the eye of the hook so i can keep track of it at night.. and it improves the fishing alot at night 🙂

  • Nicholas Yanoshak 6 months ago

    I use wooly buggers on my fly rod and my spinning rod. Great for trout when stripping and great for smallmouth drifting or retrieving. It's one of the best lures ever made.

  • DILLI GAF 6 months ago

    It is a case to case basis when using woolies. for slow steady water, you need to strip them to get the movement. I'd like to cast upstream over rainbows….single split shots, it takes a couple to get them right in the fish face…then it's on.

  • Adam Love 6 months ago

    Dead drifting works equally as well, too. Especially with some split shot in deeper waters.

  • Wesley Parrish 6 months ago

    what size?

  • Andrew Kaiser 6 months ago

    Never move the tip like that. That is not how a fly rod works. If you want to do that use a spinner.

  • Destin James 6 months ago

    This was short, sweet and accurate. Thanks!

  • James Hanna 6 months ago

    The fly was originally designed to look like a hellgrammite

  • All things Oliver 6 months ago

    My friends and I were in Bass Pro yesterday and my friend handed me a wooly bugger to use so I took it from him. My other friend came up to me and told me to use a Curly Fuck… Making fun of the Wooly Bugger

  • bassnbows 6 months ago

    what is the best hook to use to tie these?

  • Byron Gilliam 6 months ago

    @eliwoohoo haha whose obsessed with racism? nobody is accusing anyone of racism..

  • eliwoohoo 6 months ago

    @byrongilliam1 Why are black people always obsessed with racism? This is a video about flyfishing for goodness sake.

  • Byron Gilliam 6 months ago

    @ibangedyomominthebut and why is that?

  • Joe Roberto 6 months ago

    @byrongilliam1 that would be a wooly burgler

  • vweeks181 6 months ago

    HEY! I didn't learn how to tie it 🙁

  • Byron Gilliam 6 months ago

    Wooly Bugger sounds like a racist term for blacks..(and yes i am black)

  • chaddvanzanten 6 months ago

    Actually, instead of "always" giving the Woolly Bugger some action, Russell Blessing (inventor of the pattern) said he would fish this fly on a dead drift first, to see if it would attract any fish that way. If that didn't work then he would give it action through various combinations of stripping and rod movement. You can fish this fly without working it — it will look alive even in very calm waters. Good vid otherwise, though.

  • AwesomeIndiana 6 months ago

    I've had good luck with Wooly buggers on pan fish in Indiana

  • bluesman273 6 months ago

    "it was built for life"……holy crap, I didn't know this video was going to get so deep !!!!!

  • chasefooo 6 months ago

    @wc4dblues no its when your bugger falls on your sweater