In this video I’ll show how I removed my weed filled lawn then amended the soil and create garden and beds to grows a wide range of fruits and vegetables.

My favorite soil amendment/potting soil:

Recipe 420

Other favorite organic soil amendments and fertilizers

Organic Nitrogen Fertilizer (Blood Meal):

Soil Ripper:

My Favorite Home Soil Test Kit:

Other products I use:


Music: Morning Mandoline by Chris Haugen

How To Turn Your Lawn Into A Vegetable Garden

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  • James Baker

    Where’s the best place to buy gardening supply like the potting mix? Is it Home Depot/Trafford supply, or is there somewhere better. I’m bran new wanna be gardener! Like 4 days lol

  • Tiffany Nash

    Thanks for addressing how to orient the beds. I appreciate all of your videos. I learn something new with each one.

  • Marius Ionut

    what a waste o resources and time!!! first weeds biology , they tend to grow in what type of soil ? when you clear the npk you realise the "waste" ..basically after tilling you let the soil dehydrate for 10-14 days ….so for a rich soil you can use dead organic matter from your house, everything put into a plastic bag/can and you add yeast with some sugar plus some gallons of water and decomposing of dead matter is accelarated …that "soup " you add on top of soil beds after you plant your veggie (almost everything ) and on top you put some rotten hays/straw ….1 square meter you need 2-3 kilos of dead matter each year and soil is healthy and veggies are bio and grow really nice, method tested in andes back to 2 ,000 years ago, now is used in korea,japan for permaculture …coffee beans, bananas, apples, patotoes you easily get 2-3 kilos per square meter to fill up organic

  • Mr Jones

    Hi, good job… But… You put so much hard work into this plot and then lost 50% of you growing space when you added the paths.

  • Daniel Firdaus

    Great video. I've been growing pumpkin and tomato in my tiny lawn and I hope their fruits get ripe before frost comes and kills them.

  • Devan Tierney

    It’s silly but n, p, &k are micronutrients. Macronutrients are carbs fats and proteins. they are bigger than individual atoms. O well he’s the gardener and I’m the chemistry teacher who wants to be a gardener

  • Ade Furqon

    your vid are awesome, it's easy too understand me.
    i have some question, i have some land and it's far from home. what do u think i must to do first, is it to make a fences pr wht?

  • Roger Dutta

    Not related to this. I have a container pepper plant that's being infested with ants. They seem to be going for the flowers and kind of clumping around them. So not getting any fruit. Already tried neem oil spray. Any solution? At this point, I am ready to take a flamethrower and get this over with, so don't mind if the solution is not organic.

  • Lonnie Sargent

    Thanks for the video! It made me a subscriber. One critique though. The background music: either turn it way down or get rid of it. It isn't necessary and is annoying.

  • FeedMeSalt

    First step, Dont live in a urban center. You would be amazed at the laws around growing produce in the open like this. My province in Canada wont allow it because of bears and raccoons, as an example.

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