It’s easy to transplant seedlings from dirt to hydroponics. It is a shock to the plant, so you’ll want to make sure you baby the plant for the first few days. Make sure your water reservoir is full, that you have nutrients in the tower, your pH is correct, and if it’s very hot out, put the plant in a shady spot (under a bigger plant, for example). My success rate with this is about 75%.

Message me if you want more info on the Tower Gardens.

What are Rapid Rooters? Info for the Rapid Rooters:

Seeds I use in the video:
Bright Lights Swiss Chard seeds:
Dill seeds:

How to Transplant Seedlings from Dirt to Hydro & Aeroponic Systems

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  • Anthony Reyes

    Hey great video! So I want to use my rapid rooters going from soil to hydro (rinse roots off etc..) I want to plug them I to the rooter like you did (cut them in half ) and apply to my DWC system. Should I just let the bubbles popping from the air stone hit the rapid rooter? Or should I submerge the whole plug? Also how much of the roots should I let hang out of the bottom ? Or if any at all? If anyone could answer these questions that would be fantastic ! 

  • John Nusz

    Thanks for all the great tips. Would love to see video on maintaining your nutrient levels, this is an area I have struggled with. Thanks again, john

  • Leah Brooks

    Hey, thank you for the nice comment!! I empty and refill once a month. On a brand new tower, I don't start emptying and refilling until month three.

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