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Subscribe Now: Watch More: When transplanting from soil to hydroponics, you’re going to want to start out by paying close attention to the root system. Transplant from soil to hydroponics with help from an aquaponics professional in this free video clip. Expert: Paul Holowko Filmmaker: Steven Watkins Series Description: Hydroponic gardening is a really great way to grow all of your favorite fruits and vegetables right in the comfort of your own home. Get tips on hydroponics with help from an aquaponics professional in this free video series. Video Rating: / 5 Using only a greenhouse covering 1000 sq. meters or about a quarter acre of land. Produces around 4000 heads of lettuce per week. Retail is to per head. So even after overhead, a very substantial profit. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHow to start growing hydroponics from seeds with rockwool cubesHydroponics and Soil Gardeners: Make liquid fertilizer from kitchen discards and weeds. Go organic!How to Raise PPM in Hydroponics : Hydroponic GardeningHow to Transplant Seedlings from Dirt to Hydro & Aeroponic SystemsIndoor Garden Tips – Hydroponics – Transplanting Herbs From Containers To Hydroponic SystemTaking Plants from Soil to Hydroponic (DWC) for Overwintering

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  • I do exactly this, and my pepper plants die every time. I am just learning about hydroponics so I am most likely doing something wrong. If the roots get too wet will it kill the plant? Right now I have a sprinkler system above the clay pebbles that goes through the pebbles into the reservoir below. Maybe they are getting too wet, I don't know.

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    I laughed a bit too hard on your keg joke. Good one 😛