Today I show you how I successfully got my vining pothos and philodendron to climb my wall and attach roots! It was my favorite wall in my last apartment and a proud plant parent moment! The process of training a plant to climb a wall is so freaking easy and I’m so excited to share the process with you! All you need are command hooks, a trailing plant like a pothos, philodendron, peperomia, hoya or any other long plant and your imagination! I’ll show you the wall we successfully did, and then walk you through the process on another plant I wanted to start climbing!

Plants in my greenwall: upright lemon lime philodendron, philodendron brasil and jade pothos
Command hooks (BAGR Amazon Affiliate Link)
Wallygro Eco Containers

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How to Train a Houseplant to Climb a Wall! (It's so simple it's unbelievable!)

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