How to TILE A ROOF with Clay or Concrete Tiles - New Roof

How to tile a roof – If you would prefer to READ how to tile a roof and see more help, please visit this link…Unless you found this video via my website.

How to Tile a Roof with Concrete Tiles

This Video shows you the essential process of setting out a roof ready for tiling with concrete roof tiles, although the same process can also be used for clay tiles and slates too. This video shows you how much tile needs to be in the guttering before setting the batten spacing that will allow you to tile a roof with the correct roof tile overlap.
You need to know this before doing any roof tiling, I hope this roofing guide helps.

How to TILE A ROOF with Clay or Concrete Tiles – New Roof

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  • ningis21

    Hi… Thanks for the video, in it you mention to stagger joints of flat ( un-profiled) tiles…I take it that on profiled is ok to align the joints??

  • thunderc45

    Sorry but Im a mech engineer. What are the rules for the felt runs under the battens. I take it there is an overlap by XXmm such that any water always falls over and past each one. I need to replace the lower run of felt that hangs in the gutter as it is shot. Can you lift just the lower line of tiles, trim back the existing felt and replace with a narrow cut strip or would you take back sufficient tiles to refit at normal roll width??

  • Zed Man

    For securing the battens and time wasn't an issue. Any reason why screws are not used to fix the battens to the rafters? I'm a belt and braces man… I guess maybe it would have more of an impact on penetrating the felt, where as a nail would slightly seal as it went in…?

  • Richard Davies

    Good video but I wouldn't of put the 2nd lath on at that gauge I would of divided into 15 as on a profiled tile it would keep the perps in line also maybe you should of mentioned if the roof was out of square?

  • Steve Bednell

    hi, I currently have a slate roof which need redoing in the next few years. I am planning on replacing it with profiled concrete tiles. I need to felt and re lath but do I need to bulk up the rafters? They're currently 3x2s. if so do I need to clad them? thanks?

  • Chris Hardie

    Many thanks for your video – a great help. I am planning to attempt stripping and applying felt myself. I am semi-detached and the battens currently used are very thin lathes, how do I adjoin to my neighbours roof with new

  • just for you..

    I have just been looking at the construction of my Persimmons homes roof, It looks like the roofers used nails which were about 25 to 40 mm to long. The result is that the roof felt has hundreds of nails intruding through the felt. I will be contacting the N>H>B>C> tomorrow.?

  • Foxeris1

    Thanks for making this video. When removing and replacing a whole roof of tiles, is it ok to remove all the old tiles from one side first, then the other? I'm thinking about whether it over stresses the joists to have weight on one side only???

  • Mark Here

    Thanks Fixmyroof, have been in construction 40 years , nice to see How its done properly, neat & tidy, as an apprenticed tradesman, it has always been strange that roofing hasn't been given more "Air" time, the sheer lack of information, "professional " info, for trades, Thank you for your effort.?

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