This is a short overview of how we built our NFT (nutrient film technic) system.
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How to , The Hydroponic NFT System.

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  • Maya Pirati

    Hello good morning watching from Nepal.i would like to ask a question, how many centimeter distence hole that make on pcv pipe?

  • Toshi T

    Very nice NFT system. What type of nutrients solution are you using? Is plants sit in the pipe or lifted with cup??

  • Persad Bhagailoo

    A few questions. What size of pipe? What is the hole size? What is the spacing between the holes? And what type of pump are you using?

  • Sebastian Muñoz

    Hi, thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience. I am wondering if you can tell me how many pipes per feet, and the length of the pipe if possible. Many thanks

  • Tiberius Stanescu

    Cool setup! I just have 2 quick questions – 1. did you have any algea problems with the setup since your output flow is exposed to light? I heard that you can't have the recirculating water exposed. 2. how do you initially grow the seeds, and when is the perfect time to transplat? I've had issues with my hydroponic nft system because the roots would bearly touch the bottom of the tank. Thanks, and cheers!

  • Thomas Klatkiewicz

    Sorry I think the title of the video is misleading. Where's the how to? Lot of great video , lot of greatest results but the how to is missing and the cost is tremendous and not even addressed in this video at all. Much less all of the labor that went into creating this beautiful well thought out and planned out color scheme for presentation.

  • Skbenga

    very cool system. very modular. has potential to grow up as well to increase yield and more than enough space to add aquaponics. looks easy to seed and harvest

  • lv2mine

    Beautiful video incredible heads lettuce I'd like to know the variety that you're growing if you answer back thank you love your video look forward to more

  • Benja's Uber 1337 Hobby

    New sub I liked your video. You have a great system there! Looks like you get wonderful productions out of it 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

  • Hydroponic Gardening & More with Brent

    Very cool video. Kind of looks like shallow-water culture though. What's the level of water in the pipe? Any which way, you've done a great job! The cut pipe to snap the pipe into is awesome. The slits in the end cap is a great idea too. Couldn't tell what type plant retention method you're using to hold the lettuce. Is it netcup/foam? When's your next video coming out? Can't wait.

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