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  • Judy Kempen 5 months ago

    Coir is good. It needs minor nutrients for starting since seedlings don't require much until they start leafing out. Peat moss absorbs water faster when warm water is used and coir is similar. Peat moss pellets by Jiffy also has a starter charge for seedlings. Peat moss is actually a renewable resource and bogs are harvested for 15 to 25 years and then allowed to regrow. The huge amounts of land which are peat bogs is tremendous. Both in Canada, and much more in the Soviet Union.
    One caution with coir is that some harvesters do not rinse the coco fiber enough and there have been some salty coir sold through to the public and wholesale propagators. I would recommend 3 full leachings of water before using any coir product, loose or compressed. Why take a chance?

    Retired Researcher for Jiffy Products

  • Rhiannon Iasillo 5 months ago

    It's actually really, really bad for the planet to use peat moss. Coconut coir is definitely the only choice if you care about Mother Earth. Loved your video!

  • jnj528 5 months ago

    the benefit of the coco coir is that it has a ratio of oxygen that is ideal for the seeds and clones. also, it has a pretty neutral pH which is what you want so you can manipulate your nutrient mix. you have to pH your filtered water and balance it before you add your nutrients. You can also transplant the starter cubes into bigger containers of more coco. hopefully you found the bags of coco in your area!! thanks for the video!!

  • NinjaSpecter7 5 months ago

    Zero trace minerals in coco. Only nutes you got was from what was in your water.

  • Shurbryn23 5 months ago

    "Comb it over like Donald Trump" – Hahahaha

  • Chicken Friedfish 5 months ago

    Question, when you start seeds can you place the starter seeds or do you need to place the seeds under grow lights before, during, after they sprout or does it ever matter?

  • JaEd0 5 months ago

    Can you guys do one of these on cuttings / clones? Thoughts on starting in rockwool and moving to another substrate like Canna Terra Pro Plus?

    I was going to try my hand at clones this year but I wasn't able to make time before frost hit so now I'm thinking about trying seedlings for once. Thanks for the video guys!