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How to start seeds for hydroponics in less than 5 minutes and in 4
simple steps. This is for beginning hydroponic growers who want to take
the guess work out of complicted setups. No hard steps, ez, simple,
quick, and effective! Give it a try today. Remember to like, comment,
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How to Start Seeds For Hydroponics in 5 minutes and 4 EZ Steps

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  • Pan Cake

    Tip or step 4 is very correct. Do not use your nutrients until your seeds have sprouted there first set of true leave, or the first set of adult leaves. A few plants will be OK..but most of them will do much better in just plain non chlorinated water until they get the first set of mature leaves.

  • AluiciousAlicat

    My rock wool got moldy and the seedlings are withering. How can I prevent mold next time? (I did not use a dome cover once the seedlings sprouted)

  • For The I Am

    Rockwool is old school, use Rapid Rooters, much quicker germination, and healthier seedlings. Biggest problem with Rockwool, they don’t break down in my Compost pile, they are made from rocks, and will never breakdown. You won’t regret it, use a more natural seed starting medium, my veg and flower seeds do much better in Rapid Rooters, or a similar product.

  • Sandra xyz

    Hey Luke, I'm really really worry about having these infected soil in plants indoors air, it's really a problem. and no one had said other than fertilize w organics, unless y want to kill something….and it's killing my plants, and me and my husband as well although we have accustomed to it (compost). you mean all this effort and buying shelf and trays, and fertilizers and seeds to grow indoor is a wash, and can not be acchieved. i lost seeds, time, and mixes, and air quality indoors, and lungs and fungus in lungs also….is it right. shoult they be out tonite?

  • Sandra xyz

    You've said that organic indoors is no good… but I see that you have vermicompost behind you? isn't it the same as?

  • Nyi Mix

    you can use dakron (aquarium filter). rockwool has an alkaline pH level. so you must soak it first before you can use it

  • Kabilanastro G

    We can also use Expanded Perlite, relatively high water content, it's porous, and it gives efficient growth in hydroponics method.

  • Basic Marine Engineering

    my sprouted seeds after slight growth just collapse with the weight what is the remedy and what mistake do you think I made?


    Does anyone know how to grow peppers using the Kratky Method in 5 gal buckets,how do you hold up the plants? Thanks in advance

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