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I just wanted to share with you the method I use for planting seeds for my vegetable garden. I like to buy my seeds from the following online shops: Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds: Seed Savers Exchange: Seeds of Change: I like to start off in 72-cell trays because we plant a lot of veggies in our large garden plot. I start off with some store-bought seed starting/germinating mix. Fill my trays or small pots. I lightly tamp down each cell and then make a small hole in the center of each cell with the back of a chopstick making sure to only go about 1/4″ -1/2″ deep. I place 1-2 seeds in each hole and lightly cover with soil again and tamp down lightly to ensure good soil to seed contact. Then water the seeds in and place in an empty and cool oven that is completely turned off. I leave it in there for a few days checking them daily to ensure they are staying moist to aid with the germination. When the seedlings start to creep out of the top of the soil I will move the trays outdoors to give them some natural sunlight. I place my trays in a little homemade hoop house to protect them from the rain but so they still get the sunlight during the day. I bring them indoors every night to make sure no animals munch on them and put them back out first thing in the morning. I hope you’ll consider planting some seeds this season whether it be in the ground or in pots. Growing your own delicious, nutritious and organic food is fun and healthy! You can find me at: Crafty Gemini mobile app: available for FREE in Android market and iPhone App store Online […]

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  • Charley Tan 4 years ago

    What a cute name! Crafty Gemini indeed. Do or die Gemini!

  • Lisa Shats 4 years ago

    Nice tots

  • Dee B 4 years ago

    I'm late on this video but i'm glad i came across it. You saved me some money i don't have use them grow cubes lol. I'm new to gardening but i grow indoors and hydroponic. I'll be trying air pots and vegetables. Is there a npk feeding ratio you give your plants. I was told lettuce likes it cooler and hardly requires strong light and peppers on the other hand is reversed.

  • rowiegrl 4 years ago

    Very nice, and WTG on using what you have on hand!

  • Tati Roldan 4 years ago

    Nice video!!!!

  • Ray Unseitig 4 years ago

    ni ce

  • Podobed 4 years ago

    Very cool video- I'm always behind in the year, but thankfully it hasn't affected the harvests much lol. Great content as I want to expand my seed to seedling skills.

    I do have a tip to share with you about the spray bottle watering- first- great idea. BUT- get a Chris Christensen Double Action Spray bottle. 99% percent of spray bottles are single action. So it shoots once per pull. The CC double action sprays when depressing and then again when releasing the action. Hope it helps.

  • vikram parikh 4 years ago

    Fantastic! Thanks very much for the tuorial, I'm going to start our seeds this weekend

  • karin collado 4 years ago

    seriously i love how simple and straightforward this is and easy!!

  • Kieran McManus 4 years ago

    thanks so much, this was great!

  • dreamadreamful 4 years ago

    Loved  this info, learned tons. I am starting my own seeds and garden …..wish me luck!

  • El Jefe 4 years ago

    good video. very knowledgeable

  • Allistene Charles 4 years ago

    wow awesome video,thank you I'm learning a lot from this am starting my back yard garden so I'm using your ideas to help me in my gardening so thank you

  • Jillian Twomey 4 years ago

    I'm starting an organic vegetable garden from scratch! Never planted before… So if you have any tips or recommend any vids to watch that'd be great :)

  • josh tubes 4 years ago

    are you groing weed?

  • Jeramy Goble 4 years ago

    Hey Vanessa! This video was a great help with pointers on starting seeds! Thank you! Any advice on how to tell when a plant is ready to be transplanted to a larger pot, or its "final" pot?

  • Floyd Wonder 6 4 years ago

    Thanks for sharing and I am going to use some of your tips. We just planted cucumbers, corn, watermelon, tomatoes, broccoli, and peppers. We started them in the house with soft plant pots, that tell you if you plants are dried or wet enough, then we are going to transfer them outside in about 4-6 weeks of growth. Thanks, we will post a video on the growth outcome.

  • Jackie Guin 4 years ago

    Thanks so much for your video I am just know starting and your video made perfect since thanks again

  • rebeccawcleung 4 years ago

    gonna get started soon in the summer… i like ur vibe….. and i am so glad u are a friend of Maangchi… i love her videos

  • Janice Caracter 4 years ago

    Good information. My first year starting seeds inside. Thanks for your help.