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Learn how to start seeds for a vegetable garden and grow some of the more interesting organic vegetables! SUBSCRIBE For Garden Tips and Garden Fresh Recipes! SUBSCRIBE to my cooking Channel WATCH MORE IN BETH’S GARDEN EPISODES! How to Grow Tomatoes How to Grow Strawberries Rosemary Potato Soup Recipe How To Grow Lemons Winter Garden Tour Lemon Pound Cake Recipe WATCH MORE GREAT GARDEN-TO-TABLE RECIPES! Grilled Chicken Chimichurri Peach Cobbler Plum Crumble Savory Tomato Tart Homemade Lemonade Apricot Galette Foolproof Roasted Potatoes How to Create a Cheeseboard Grilled Chicken and Zucchini Brochettes PRODUCTS USED IN THIS DEMO: Seed Starting Kit Related PostsHow-To Grow Strawberries | IN BETH’S GARDENHow to start growing hydroponics from seeds with rockwool cubesHow to Start Seeds the EASY Way. tomato pepper vegetable garden kale tomatoesHow to Start Seeds for a Vegetable GardenHow to start seeds with the Aerogarden Indoor Garden seed starting kit Round 1How to Start Seeds & Transplant Seedlings to Your Tower Garden

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  • Nerdy KEV 7 months ago

    Can you show us how to grow thyme from seeds ?

  • Tubasword 7 months ago

    I thought seed starting soil is different from potting mix from because it has LESS nutrients than potting mix. The seeds don't need nutrients right at the start; they need it after they form their first true leaves.

  • Its a teen life 7 months ago

    beth u r such a big inspiration both in ur cooking as well as gardening channels
    i want to plant herbs but in pots u know individual ones which can be used in cooking so can u suggest a few of them it would be a great help have a good day beth

  • summerskyz 7 months ago

    love your videos!!! please post more there awesome and really informational 🙂

  • CutoDracon 7 months ago

    I started a mango tree, two avocado trees, and two lemon trees from seeds. I got my babies inside right now and soon as Spring comes they'll be enjoy fresh air outside.

  • Jaime Dowd 7 months ago

    Thank god I found this vid befor I got my real green house
    I meen like 10 by 12

  • The Catholic Gardener 7 months ago

    love your videos!!! thank you for the help!!!!! I'm a beginner!

  • steelribbons 7 months ago

    Beth I am working so hard on my garden following all your tips, and I just have to ask, where did you find all those beautiful big green metal planters you have your tomato cages in throughout your garden? I am southern CA too and was hoping to be able to get some too! I've admired them ever since I saw your summer garden party video! Thank you for all the amazing videos, you are an inspiration!

  • Hydroponic City 7 months ago

    hey beth you married baby?

  • Charito 7 months ago

    Finally! So nice to see you in the garden Beth!

  • Eva Tovar 7 months ago

    One time I forgot to take my water bottle out of my car during the spring season and chia seeds were starting to grow into actual little plants. The longest one was about two inches. Lol

  • chicha904 7 months ago

    Yay!! I'm so glad to see you back on this channel! I love all your channels. I planted my first herb garden with your help! Thanks!

  • Kirti Nambisan 7 months ago

    Love these videos! This channel is so informative. Not many people would be able to explain gardening so well! Thank you so much Beth 🙂

  • Bobby buck 7 months ago

    One of my tomato plant has got a disease its lost all its leafs

  • Carrie Zavar 7 months ago

    So excited for your new videos! Would love love love to see more videos on the French design of your backyard as it is gorgeous ! Best gardening channel I've ever found.

  • elianadlee 7 months ago

    How do you get rid of pests in your garden?

  • Wallisisagirlname 7 months ago

    So excited for balcony gardening!

  • freshcutky 7 months ago