Proper lighting is so important when it comes to growing indoors. You must have proper lighting for seedlings to grow well. In this video, I will demonstrate why it is so important to have the corret amount of light when starting seeds for hydroponic.

Flora Series:
pH Down:
pH Meter:

AeroGarden Nutrients:


Clay Pebbles:
2 Inch Net Pots:
1.5 Inch Rockwool Cubes:
Rapid Root Plugs:

Grow Light Rope Hanger:
Grow Tent:
T5 Grow Light:
Digital Timer:

Clonex Rooting Compound:
FoxFarm Ocan Forest:
10 Gal Grow Bags:
Grow Bag Saucers:

Pepper Community:

How to make a Self-Watering Bucket:

Topping Peppers:

Propagating Peppers:

Pollinating Peppers Indoor:

Force your Peppers to Produce:

Pepper Grafting:

Breeding Peppers:

Mini Kratky Hydroponic Kit:

2015 Pepper Series Playlist:

General Hydroponic Flora Series:
1 Gallon of Water pH between 5.9 – 6.5
5 ml Micro
5 ml Gro
5 ml Bloom
2 Inch Net cups
1.5 Inch size rockwool cubes
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How To Start Seedlings For Hydroponic and The Importance of Proper Lighting

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  • Rae Jones

    Thank You, for this info, I am just starting out with my hydroponic garden and I am trying to learn as much as possible. and by the way you have an amazing calm voice it's very soothing !;) THANK YOU AGAIN!

  • Snorkel Buoy

    Do you recommend any specific company to buy your seeds? Obviously organic and non-gmo…? Thank you – GREAT GREAT VIDEO!

  • Lisa Hutton

    I really love Aerogardens, this one works really good! I'm running out of room for them now. I enjoy fresh herbs for cooking. My garden is growing like a weed. Easy to operate. Love it>>> .

  • sjensens

    I'm growing aquaponically in an outdoor green house, but I am having trouble starting seeds. This looks like a good way, but should I use the light that I have for 24 hours or for the normal daylight cycle? I live I the Bahamas and we have good long days of bright sun. Do I need to use the light at all, or will the outdoor sunlight be sufficient? Or should I use both to extend daylight for a few days?

  • Eric WR

    Mr. Starr,
    I really enjoy your videos and the great information. I am growing seeds in soil right now but want to transfer over to the hydroponic system. I did not and do not have the proper lighting so the stems are long. Are these trash now or can I recover?

  • Eden Seven

    Can you please tell me what model Aerogarden you're using. They seem to be very expensive. The 10-watt Aerogarden Sprout LED is much cheaper, but will it work? I have a small apartment and would really like to try to grow some lettuce and maybe peppers. Thanks.

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