Alchemy Talks Video on Organic Food and the rise of Interest seen in Woman living in Tamilnadu India to start Organic Farming in 8 easy steps. Madhivanan, Nammalvar discipline gives Organic Farming Training to New Woman Entrepreneurs.

People are losing trust in Government and GMO companies are creating Havocs among Public with their GMO.Rise of Woman Farmers is a wonderful move when it comes to growing our own Food. Cultivation of Crops is the Primary Basic Need alias the Untold Way for Normal Living by default.Many in Developed Countries even like United States doesn’t know the difference between Organic and Conventional or GMO Food.Eating a Food with a Organic Label is not the goal but one needs to know if they are eating Food or Product.

Madhivanan, Organic Farmer and from Namalwar school of organic farming guides on how to setup organic bed with 8 easy steps to organic farming.
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“How to Start Organic Farming & Tips on Vegetable Cultivation”_♥ Alchemy Talks,India

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