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How to get your seeds started before you put them in your hydroponic system using rockwool cubes, seed tray and simple grow light from home depot. Check out … Video Rating: 5 / 5 Related PostsWhy I use Rockwool / Stonewool grow cubes for hydroponic seed starting and plantsTransplanting Clones into Rockwool Cubes | How to grow hydroponic weed | Grow MarijuanaGrowing Cucumbers from seed start to finishHow to Start Seeds For Hydroponics in 5 minutes and 4 EZ StepsHow To Start Seeds For Hydroponics For Beginners EZStarting From Seed How to start Growing Cannabis

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  • HydroponicsIsCool 4 years ago

    @luke vargas you don’t need to but I do soak them in a mixture of
    dechlorinated water and seedling solution called CloneX?

  • Diggy Craft 4 years ago

    Never mix Ph Up and Ph Down together it will cause a very harsh chemical

  • Karl Becker 4 years ago

    Good tips for me. I just got some rock wool cubes to try this out! Since
    I’m in Florida, I won’t need the heating pad! 🙂

  • Luke Vargas 4 years ago

    do u need to add nutrients when there in the rockwool?