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How to get your seeds started before you put them in your hydroponic system using rockwool cubes, seed tray and simple grow light from home depot. Check out … Video Rating: 5 / 5 Related PostsWhy I use Rockwool / Stonewool grow cubes for hydroponic seed starting and plantsTransplanting Clones into Rockwool Cubes | How to grow hydroponic weed | Grow MarijuanaGrowing Cucumbers from seed start to finishHow To Start Seeds For Hydroponics For Beginners EZStarting From Seed How to start Growing CannabisHow to start seeds with coco coir indoor gardening

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  • HydroponicsIsCool 3 years ago

    @luke vargas you don’t need to but I do soak them in a mixture of
    dechlorinated water and seedling solution called CloneX?

  • Diggy Craft 3 years ago

    Never mix Ph Up and Ph Down together it will cause a very harsh chemical

  • Karl Becker 3 years ago

    Good tips for me. I just got some rock wool cubes to try this out! Since
    I’m in Florida, I won’t need the heating pad! 🙂

  • Luke Vargas 3 years ago

    do u need to add nutrients when there in the rockwool?